Pita Pit Welcomes the New Year with Bright Salads in Classic and New Combinations

Pita Pit Welcomes the New Year with Bright Salads in Classic and New Combinations

Health-conscious consumers can embrace their goals with greener versions of their favorite pitas, or create their own.

Pita Pit Welcomes the New Year with Bright Salads in Classic and New Combinations

Bolstered by opportunities for fresh beginnings in the new year, QSR franchise Pita Pit will be highlighting a lighter version of their customers’ favorite pitas starting in 2019. Fans who are looking to start the year on the healthier side, specifically those trying to lower their carbohydrate intake, have the option of opting for a leafy green base in lieu of the classic pita bread and still stick to tried-and-true menu staples or customize away. By keeping their offerings ready-to-assemble and opening the door for healthier choices, Pita Pit is embracing the market trend of on-the-go wellness.

“It’s a great opportunity to enjoy the same great tastes in new forms, and to experiment with fresh flavors, all without having to invest the time in a traditional sit-down scenario,” said Pita Pit Vice President of Marketing Doug Reifschneider. “Guests can work toward New Year’s resolutions with our 19 different salad combinations and unlimited build-your-own options. An innovative menu that embodies healthy and fresh—that’s what Pita Pit is all about.”

In addition to fresh salads, Pita Pit will also be offering a cool new sweepstakes opportunity called “Remixed Greens.” From the second to the fourth weeks in January 2019, guests can enter on remixedgreens.pitapitusa.com by submitting their salad recipe using the provided list of ingredients. Submissions will close January 31. The first week of February, eight winners will be selected by a Pita Pit USA panel along the criteria of taste, appearance and overall impression. Winners move on to three rounds of public voting that runs February 11 to March 1. The sweepstakes grand prize is $2000, and the winner’s salad creation will run as a “secret menu” item available to Pita Pit guests throughout the month of March.

In the 20 years since its founding, Pita Pit has continued to evolve and sought to always offer better, healthier options to its loyal customers. In this vein, the brand can center both its customers’ taste for innovation as well as their love of the sandwiches that first established Pita Pit as a flavor-packed, on-the-go option.

“We always want to be offering our customer different ways to enjoy their favorite tastes,” said Pita Pit’s CEO Chris Fountain. “We know that our guests love having options, and we’re committed to providing a forward-looking menu that’s always expanding its offerings without ever trading in the classics. We want customers of all different tastes to find something they love at Pita Pit.”

Since opening its first restaurant in the U.S. in 1999, Pita Pit Inc. has continued to be one of the fastest-growing quick service restaurant franchises in the country. Offering a healthier and more flavorful alternative to traditional fast-food through its signature grilled taste. Pita Pit’s made-to-order pitas feature a customizable mix of the freshest grilled meats, vegetables, cheeses and zesty sauces all flavorfully packed into a delicious soft pita. The company was founded in Ontario, Canada in 1995. Now boasting more than 600 locations across 13 countries, Pita Pit is recognized as No. 1 in its category in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500. In 2018, USA TODAY ranked Pita Pit at #10 on “America’s favorite regional fast food cuisine’s” list. Learn more at http://www.pitapitusa.com.