Pizza Hut Expanding Beer Delivery Pilot To Nearly 100 Restaurants In Arizona And California

Pizza Hut Expanding Beer Delivery Pilot To Nearly 100 Restaurants In Arizona And California

Offers free delivery with online orders of select six-packs, in participating Arizona markets

Pizza Hut Expanding Beer Delivery Pilot To Nearly 100 Restaurants In Arizona And CaliforniaMore customers will now be able to get cold beer delivered with hot pizzas, thanks to Pizza Hut. The company today announced its category-first beer delivery pilot program is expanding to nearly 100 stores across Arizona and California in May.

Pizza Hut is expanding its beer delivery pilot program in the U.S. as part of its larger commitment to providing unique and seamless delivery experiences to its customers. The beer will be delivered in a custom cooler designed to deliver the beverages cold, so customers can enjoy them right away alongside oven-hot pizzas.

“Pizza Hut has and always will be focused on serving customers a great pizza experience. And nothing complements an oven-hot pizza like an ice-cold beer,” said Zipporah Allen, CMO, Pizza Hut. “In addition to our extensive delivery network, many Pizza Hut restaurants are already licensed to serve and distribute beer, without third party services, additional fees, or extended wait times. Expanding the pilot program is a natural way for Pizza Hut to get our customers the perfect pizza and beer combo they’re craving, delivered right to their doors.”

With the purchase of select six-packs of beer, free delivery will be available in participating Arizona markets. In partnership with MillerCoors, the delivery fee will be waived for customers who include a six-pack of Coors Light, Blue Moon, or Miller High Life in any Pizza Hut order online. Qualifying orders must meet delivery minimum requirements and be placed through, or the Pizza Hut Mobile App for iPhone and Android.

“Offering beer delivery has enabled us to provide a service to our customers that others cannot, which has proven to be successful during the first few months of the pilot,” said Mark Peterson, owner of┬áHOT Pizza, a Pizza Hut franchisee in Arizona. “As a Pizza Hut franchisee I’m always looking for ways to innovate my business, and beer delivery is a great way for us to deliver an even better experience for our customers.”

In Arizona, Pizza Hut now offers beer delivery at participating restaurants in Phoenix, Tucson, Glendale, Prescott, Winslow, and more. In California, beer delivery is currently available at participating restaurants in Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Riverside, Sacramento, Santa Barbara and Santa Clara, among others; and rolling out soon to additional locations, including Anaheim, Fresno, Huntington Beach and Redding this month.

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