Pop-up restaurant is a contrived dive

Have you been to the Opus Hotel lately? The restaurant – formerly Elixir Bistro, now One Hundred Days – looks like it’s been attacked by vandals.

The old wood panelling and beautiful marble fixtures are covered in neon graffiti. The stained glass, velvet curtains and plush banquettes have been ripped out, replaced by paint-splattered picnic tables and plastic fold-up chairs. The floors and ceilings are black.

This pseudo-underground eyesore is actually a carefully conceived business strategy. It’s a time-limited, pop up restaurant that expires after – you guessed it – 100 days (allegedly Dec. 31).

Inspired by similar short-lived venues in London, New York and Los Angeles, owner John deC. Evans decided to do something radical with his hotel’s mild-mannered Elixir Bistro before turning it into a new, permanent restaurant next year.

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