QSR Automations Quickly Rolls Out Off-Premise Order Management Platform to Help Operators

ConnectSmart Go allows operators to streamline off-premise orders in one central location.

QSR Automations Quickly Rolls Out Off-Premise Order Management Platform to Help OperatorsToday, in response to the demand that the global pandemic COVID-19 has created for restaurants in supplying and delivering off-premise orders, QSR Automations, the leading provider of kitchen automation and guest management solutions announced the launch of ConnectSmart Go, its new off-premise order management platform. To further help its restaurant customers, QSR will be providing ConnectSmart Go free during the pandemic crisis.

QSR Automations’ ConnectSmart Kitchen (CSK) customers can now utilize ConnectSmart Go to effortlessly manage and streamline off-premise orders and:

  • Easily view all off-premise orders at-a-glance
  • Provide SMS capabilities that allow for contactless pickup and delivery
  • Receive order status updates and alerts when orders are packed and ready
  • Quickly send updates to the kitchen in real-time
  • Mark guests and delivery drivers as “arrived” and automatically notify BOH staff via CSK screens
  • Release, fast track, and cancel orders from the ConnectSmart Go app without stepping foot into the kitchen
  • Track and report on every data point

QSR Automations CEO Lee Leet said, “The restaurant industry has encountered unprecedented times and we all need to come together to help one another. ConnectSmart Go is QSR’s way of helping operators in their time of need. With takeout and delivery options as the most viable way to sustain right now, this technology can help operators with the surge in off-premise orders and ease the transitional burden.”

Restaurant owners and operators can learn more about ConnectSmart Go and schedule a demo of it here.

QSR Automations, headquartered in Louisville, KY, is a global technology company with leading positions in kitchen automation and guest management services. Since 1996, we have empowered independent, multi-unit, and large chain operators with smart management solutions that improve the dining experience and make restaurants of any size and concept more successful. Working side-by-side with customers, we develop customized solutions that integrate seamlessly to add more efficiency, insights, and better control for restaurant operations. For more information, visit www.qsrautomations.com.