RestaurantData releases the Top 300 Restaurant concepts list by US Sales

RestaurantData releases the Top 300 Restaurant concepts list by US recently released their Top 300 list for 2018.  (available on their website)  The list summarizes US operating data (units, average unit volume estimates and sales estimates) by concept. contacts over 4,500 chains in the US at least once a year.  In addition, they routinely check chain websites, SEC reports, franchise disclosure documents and articles in the top industry publications.

In a constant flow of moving data, researchers track and publish new restaurant openings weekly and restaurant closings semi-annually.

The Top 300 list is ranked using annual sales estimates by concept. The Top 10 concepts in order are McDonalds, Starbucks, Taco Bell, Subway, Wendy’s, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, Chick-Fil-A, Domino’s and Panera Bread.  These concepts produce over 43% of the estimated annual sales for the entire Top 300. The Top 100 concepts include mostly well established, dominant chains. Most are either listed on a major stock exchange or are owned by a major private equity firm.  Many of the Top 100 concepts are franchised. The next 200 concepts include many growing chains and declining chains.

To see the TOP 300 click here.

Location level data is available for all 300 concepts.  Please contact Joe Dunbar, for more information. is an online portal including the largest provider of new restaurant opening sales leads in the US averaging 850 new restaurant openings per week, focusing on the multi-unit chain universe of companies and 20,000 unique decision making VP contacts inside 7,300 multi-unit restaurants and the Restaurant Unit Locator of 700,000 individual locations with rock solid delineations of independent locations vs. multi-unit locations, size, shape, cuisine, service style, sales, contacts, region, alcohol, seats, etc.  Listings are updated and reviewed constantly and new data is updated daily.