Scheer Restaurant Group Announces Opening of Café 21

Scheer Restaurant Group Announces Opening of Café 21

On Dec. 3, Scheer Restaurant Group opened its seventh restaurant, Café 21, located on 25th Street in Fargo, ND. Café 21 is an Asian Bistro and Sushi Bar, specializing in Vietnamese cuisine. According to Café 21 head chef, Rubin Kabo, the menu is full of light, healthy Vietnamese dishes with a touch of French influence.

The menu at Café 21 is full of items that are full of vegetables and spices. Entrée options that are specifically unique to Café 21 include their steaks, salmon, and chopped ribs, which are served on a hot lava stone. The meats are cooked to a servable temperature, then served to patrons on the lava stone, which continues cooking them after served, allowing the guest to continue cooking them as long as they’d like. Another Café 21 entrée that is sure to be loved is their Stewed Beef Curry, which is the most-ordered dish in the world.

The sushi served at Café 21 is taken from the menu of one of the Scheer Restaurant Group’s other eateries, Wasabi, located in downtown Fargo. Café 21 head chef Kabo has over 13 years of experience cooking Thai cuisine in a popular restaurant in California, and has 5 years experience preparing sushi in restaurants located in New Mexico, Florida, and throughout the east coast. He’s lived in Fargo for 2 years, drawn to North Dakota by the nice people living in the area and his job as a chef at Wasabi, before transferring to Café 21. He likes to remind patrons that the sushi menus at the Scheer Restaurant Group’s eateries are very accommodating, as the staff welcomes modifications to the entrees by restaurant guests.

The ambiance of Café 21 is full of classic French influence (like the food), integrated with traditional Vietnamese decoration. The atmosphere is relaxed and classy, and pleasant. The Scheer Restaurant Group points out that the Café 21 dining experience focus is geared “not just on food, but the experience.” The mood of the restaurant will delight guests with the best of both.

The Scheer Restaurant Group, headquartered in Fargo, N.D., aims to serve its patrons with authentic dining experiences from around the world. It’s restaurants include the Drunken Noodle, which features pastas with influences from different regions worldwide; Leela Thai Cuisine, which serves dishes with a central Thai influence; Thai Orchid, with northern and north-eastern (E-san) Thai entrees full of stronger and spicier flavors than Leela Thai; Wasabi, an Asian sushi bar; The Beefsteak Club, a traditional British steakhouse; and Little Bangkok, which brings Thai food to the group’s clientele in Grand Forks.