SONIC Introduces Crunchier, Bolder Super Crunch Chicken Strips

SONIC Introduces Crunchier, Bolder Super Crunch Chicken Strips

SONIC Drive-In  (NASDAQ: SONC) has added a craveable creation to its menu lineup with the introduction of new Super Crunch Chicken Strips. By adding even more of the satisfying crunch to the already popular juicy chicken strips, the national drive-in offers a standout snackable treat perfect for any time of day with three-piece and five-piece options.

According to the Institute of Food Science and Technology, the texture of food plays a large role in enjoyment of a meal. This means crunchy foods – like SONIC’s Super Crunch Chicken Strips – appeal to all of the senses, resulting in a snack or meal that looks, feels, smells, tastes and sounds satisfying and delicious.

“Texture and taste were our primary considerations as we explored new ways to appeal to the growing demand for chicken menu items,” said Chef Claes Petersson, vice president of product innovation at Sonic. “The Super Crunch Chicken Strips are double-breaded, giving them a crispy crunch, which adds more flavor. Combined with the juicy and tender chicken on the inside, these two textures work together for a new kind of chicken strip experience that is great for a full meal or as a snack.”

To keep things interesting, try the Super Crunch Chicken Strips with any of SONIC’s sauces, like Buttermilk Ranch, Honey Mustard or Hickory BBQ. Customers can dip and dip, because these chicken strips won’t lose their signature crunch.

Along with the entire SONIC menu, Super Crunch Chicken Strips are available all day, but only for a limited time. Try it as a Combo with Tots and a Route 44 Green Iced Tea for one flavor-packed meal.