Suzy’s Swirl Unveils ‘Big Joe Super Challenge’

Suzy's Swirl Unveils 'Big Joe Super Challenge'

Customers challenged to consume 64 oz. of frozen yogurt for charity

Are you big enough…bold enough…hungry enough to be named the Big Joe Super Champion?

That’s what the owners of Suzy’s Swirl in Gurnee want to know.  And they’re planning to raise $2,500 for the American Heart Association in their quest to crown the winner of their 1st Annual Big Joe Super Challenge.

Named in honor of Joe Tierno, late husband of Suzy’s Swirl co-owner Sue Tierno, the Big Joe Super Challenge will take place on Thursday, March 28 from 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM.  Contestants will consume progressively larger amounts of delicious Suzy’s Swirl frozen yogurt in a three-round competition for pride, prizes and the ultimate yogurt-eating title.

  • Round 1:  Consume 8 oz. of yogurt with 2 oz. of toppings; fastest contestants advance to…
  • Round 2:  Consume 16 oz. of yogurt with 4 oz. of toppings; fastest contestants advance to…
  • Championship Round:  Consume 64 oz. of yogurt and 8 oz. of toppings; fastest contestant named the 2013 Big Joe Super Champion!

Pro football safety Craig Steltz, and his wife Lindsay, will be on hand to help officiate the contest.

“We’re hosting the challenge both to pay homage to Joe, who was a genuinely fun-loving guy with a big heart, and to raise funds for the American Heart Association,” said Kathleen Wood, renowned restaurant industry consultant and co-owner of Suzy’s Swirl with her sister Sue.  “We hope the entire Gurnee community will come out to have fun, eat some fabulous yogurt, sorbetto and gelato, and help us give generously to support the AHA.”

The Big Joe Super Challenge is an outgrowth of Suzy’s Swirl’s on-going Big Joe Challenge, which dares customers to consume 64 ounces of frozen yogurt, plus 8 ounces of toppings, in 20 minutes or less.  Winners receive a Big Joe T-shirt and their picture on Suzy’s Swirl’s Wall of Fame.  Those who fall short donate $20 to the American Heart Association.

The March 28th Super Challenge requires a $10 entry-fee donation to the AHA.  Every participant in each round will be eligible to win prizes, including T-shirts, hats, gift cards, free yogurt cups and more.

The overall winner will receive one year of free Suzy’s Swirl, the Ultimate Big Joe Champion T-shirt and his or her picture in the No. 1 position on the restaurant’s Wall of Fame.  The runner-up will receive a $200 Suzy’s Swirl gift card, T-shirt and No. 2 position on the wall.  The third place winner will earn a $100 gift card, T-shirt and the No. 3 position.

“My wife and I are huge fans of Suzy’s Swirl, so we’re really excited to be a part of the Big Joe Super Challenge,” said Steltz.  “I look forward to seeing everyone in Gurnee on March 28th.  It’s a great opportunity to do good while eating well!”

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