Technology in Restaurants, an Overview

Today’s customers are used to technology being involved in every aspect of their lives, and that increasingly involves their restaurant experience. Whether you involve smart phones, tablets, digital displays or all of the above, technology can both simplify your job and enhance your customers’ dining experience. Read on to find out about a few ways restaurants around the country are using technology.

Online reservations.

Forget calling a restaurant to make a reservation. Today’s customers want to be able to make their dinner reservations while they’re eating lunch at their desks. By using services like OpenTable, restaurants make it easy for customers to make reservations online and at their convenience.

Tablet menus.

Some restaurants are using tablets at tables to showcase pictures of their chef’s latest creations or even to function as menus. While you might think buying tablets for each table is pricey, just think about how much money it costs to professionally reprint frequently changing menus.

Mobile ordering.

Most restaurants provide their menus online, but the more savvy take-out and delivery restaurants allow mobile ordering. This is yet another way to use technology to make customers’ lives easier—which, of course, makes them more likely to order from your restaurant.

Tablet ordering.

Some restaurants are taking it a step further and allowing their customers to order their meals on tablets. Only time will tell if this will be the wave of the future, but your customers might enjoy the novelty and convenience of it.

Digital displays.

Chalkboards are a classic, but digital displays are the more technologically advanced way to let your customers know about specials and drink lists. Digital displays are convenient because they can be easily changed (without even using an eraser!).

Paging systems.

There’s no need for outdated buzzers as long as your guests have phones! With services like Wait Away, your guests can get a simple text message to let them know when their table is ready.


If your restaurant isn’t offering free WiFi by now, you’re seriously behind the times. Most customers expect free internet access, whether they’re at a fast food joint or an upscale eatery.


From groups of friends to families that need to entertain rowdy children, games can be lifesavers when it comes to your customers. Not only do they keep guests busy while they’re waiting for food, but games can even encourage customers to stay longer and order more. Whether you use tablets, smart phones, or another device, games are sure to keep your customers entertained.


Buzztime BEOND  utilizes technology to create an engaging sense of community and an awesome restaurant experience that your customers will love. Trivia? Card games? Arcade games? BEOND has it all.

Online coupons.

Digital coupons are easier for customers to use and easier for you to distribute. An added bonus? Customers can’t forget them at home!

With so many different ways to incorporate technology in your restaurant, there’s no excuse not to! You can increase customers’ convenience and entertainment, which makes them more likely to visit you. How do you use technology in your restaurant?

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