The Best Burger In Every State

It’s National Hamburger Month and a proper celebration is in order.  To commemorate this all-American holiday, the folks at Business Insider conducted painstaking journalistic research to figure out the very best burger in every state, from mom-and-pop joints to celebrity-chef restaurants and everything in between.

Based on accolades, reviews, and their own stomachs, they came up with a comprehensive list so you can devour a truly great burger anywhere in the U.S.

Alabama – Chez Fonfon – a fancy name for a fancy restaurant. The Birmingham bistro is better known for its French cuisine, but it’s widely regarded as the home of the best burger in Alabama. The “Hamburger Fonfon” comes with comté cheese and pommes frites.

Alaska – Tommy’s Burger Stop, which just celebrated its 12th anniversary, serves sky-high beef patties topped with all sorts of goodies from deep-fried jalapeno pepper slices to onion rings to everyone’s favorite, bacon. The Stella Bleu Burger alone – a blue-cheese-oozing monster – is worth a trip to Anchorage.

Arizona – Holding multiple accolades for its perfectly balanced burgers, Phoenix’s Delux proudly serves beef burgers made with grass-fed, humanely raised cattle from local Niman Ranch.

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