The Teriyaki Tidal Wave Continues: Teriyaki Madness Signs Franchise Agreement in Laredo, TX

The Teriyaki Tidal Wave Continues: Teriyaki Madness Signs Franchise Agreement in Laredo, TX

Restaurateur Elias Saucedo is excited to partner with the Seattle-style teriyaki franchise to open the go-to Asian fusion cuisine in his community.

The Teriyaki Tidal Wave Continues: Teriyaki Madness Signs Franchise Agreement in Laredo, TXIf you haven’t heard the news, there’s a new culinary sensation that’s wok-ing the nation one bowl at a time — Teriyaki Madness. The Seattle-style teriyaki shop franchise with locations all over the country is excited to announce the next step on its totally-terrific-teriyaki-tour with the signing of its latest franchise agreement in Laredo, Texas.

Elias Saucedo (yes, that is his real name — talk about teriyaki destiny!) is the franchise owner behind the new signing. Born in Chicago and raised in Mexico, Elias moseyed over to Texas in 2000, determined to blend education with flipping burgers. After graduation, he dabbled in the banking world for 12 years but found it lacking in flavor. His hunger for success brought him back to where the real sauce is: the restaurant game.

“Eventually, I got bored in the banking industry,” said Saucedo. “I decided to open my own restaurant and finally follow my entrepreneurial passion. I also had my first child during this time and my career in banking was not the best way to grow financially and personally. I loved the restaurant industry, but I’m not a cook. So what could I do?”

Saucedo’s journey to franchising began with Firehouse Subs, where he opened two locations. After reaching maximum growth with that brand, he explored other brands and even launched his own local Mexican restaurant Tremendo Taco in 2021. However, he just couldn’t get TMAD off his mind.

“The product was the first thing that blew me away,” said Saucedo. “Once I had the experience of opening my own restaurant, I went back to the drawing table and started seriously talking with TMAD. We went to visit the team in Denver. From then on, everything took off, and I fell in love with the concept and the leadership team.”

Now, Saucedo is planning to open his first TMAD restaurant in Laredo by the end of the year. “My long-term potential desire would be to multiply, at least open two or three locations locally, and then expand to other markets nearby,” he said. “My main goal is to become the go-to favorite Asian fusion concept in the city.”

The new signing comes amid an exciting year for Teriyaki Madness. So far in 2023, the brand has opened 14 new locations and awarded 50 units, marking a significant increase in its footprint across the United States. Nearly 33% of all opened or projected to open shops in 2023 are existing TMAD franchisees opening their next shop. The company has also seen a 21% year-over-year systemwide sales increase and achieved an impressive franchise average unit volume (AUV) of $1,105,186, demonstrating its resilience and adaptability in the face of changing market conditions.

“Every franchise agreement we award isn’t just a location — it’s a testament to the country’s insatiable appetite for our brand,” said Michael Haith, CEO of Teriyaki Madness. “As we spread our wings with new signings like Laredo, it’s not just about growth. It’s about bowling over the whole country with delicious teriyaki.”

Teriyaki Madness is making big moves. Named the #1 Fastest-Growing Big Restaurant Chain in the U.S. by Restaurant Business, TMAD’s secret sauce lies in creating value for franchisees, guests and employees alike. More than 130 shops across three countries deliver big, heaping bowls of fresh, natural ingredients to their communities, creating a cult-like following with customers, employment opportunities for neighborhoods, and profitable margins for the operators. Backed by world-class delivery and loyalty innovations and an all-star executive team, Teriyaki Madness’ focus is on sustainable growth and exceptional experiences. Visit for single and multi-unit opportunities, and join the Teriyaki Takeover.