Two ’90s Fan Favorites are Back at DQ

Two '90s Fan Favorites are Back at DQ

Back by consumer demand, Treatzza Pizza and Misty Slush are back on the menu as part of a growing nostalgic trend

Two '90s Fan Favorites are Back at DQ‘90s trends are in. Fashion, jewelry, shoes, toys and even hairstyles popular during that decade are part of a nostalgic revival taking place in 2017.

Dairy Queen has now added treats to that list. The treat category leader, a Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK.A and BRK.B) company, is bringing back two popular fan favorites treats with Treatzza Pizza on May 22 and Misty Slush on June 26.

“There is an obvious resurgence in everything ‘90s and both Treatzza Pizza and Misty Slush were fan favorites from that era,” said Barry Westrum, Executive Vice President of Marketing for American Dairy Queen Corporation (ADQ). “Those two treats were loved by fans from day one. They asked us to bring them back and we delivered.”

The national launch of Treatzza Pizza comes just in time to celebrate the unofficial kick-off of summer. Fans can choose from Choco Brownie, Reese’s, M&M and Heath Treatzza Pizzas. The crust is hand-made with a fudge cookie crunch that’s layered with DQ’s signature vanilla soft serve, candy pieces and topped off with a chocolate drizzle. Just like a traditional pizza pie, Treatzza Pizzas are pre-cut to serve up to eight fans.

The inspiration for Treatzza Pizza was the consumers need for a “smaller size cake” for any occasion. Consumers, particularly millennials, are celebrating more than just traditional holidays. With 47 percent of cake purchases for events outside of birthdays and 48 percent taking place the day of or day before an occasion, Treatzza Pizza is perfect for that lower price, smaller size, easy to eat, grab-and-go for any occasion.

Two '90s Fan Favorites are Back at DQ

Misty Slush, which will be added to the permanent DQ menu this summer, is a cool and refreshing slushy drink available in such fruit flavors as Cherry, Blue-Raspberry, Grape, Strawberry-Kiwi and Lemon-Lime.

Misty Slush, known in the ‘80s and ‘90s as Mr. Misty, also pays homage to DQ’s heritage. DQ is bringing the Misty name to its refreshing slushy drink that fans know and love, adding Cherry, Blue-Raspberry, Grape, Strawberry-Kiwi and Lemon-Lime Misty Slush flavors to the permanent menu this summer.

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