Whole Harvest Foods, LLC Applauds FDA’s Proposed Trans Fat Ban

Whole Harvest Foods, the nation’s first naturally processed line of no trans fat, commercial cooking oils produced without the use of blends or harsh chemicals, strongly supports the FDA’s recent decision to phase out partially hydrogenated oils, the source of harmful trans fats that play a key role in the development of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

“We strongly applaud the FDA’s effort to remove trans fats from the American diet,” said Earl E. Ellis, Chief Executive Officer of Whole Harvest Foods. “There is no need for partially hydrogenated oils in our food supply. Healthy oil options in commercially prepared foods have been available from Whole Harvest Foods since 2001 and we continue to focus on providing a growing line of truly healthier, non-hydrogenated, high quality vegetable oils.”

Whole Harvest Foods is the producer of the Whole Harvest line of all natural, high stability, no trans fat frying and multipurpose culinary oils. Made from 100 percent pure vegetable oils, the Whole Harvest brand is produced under a patented expeller-pressed process that eliminates the use of hexane. In addition to being all natural, Whole Harvest cooking oils are cost efficient with longer frying performance, producing the best in quality fried foods.

Whole Harvest Foods offers a complete line of expeller-pressed, physically refined oils that are widely used among quality-oriented restaurants, institutions and food manufactures across the U.S., Japan, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, and include all natural, expeller-pressed, physically refined Soy, Canola, Non GMO Project verified Canola and Cottonseed oils.

For more information on Whole Harvest, visit www.WholeHarvest.com.