Why Coolgreens Market is a Business Model Built for the Pandemic and Beyond

Why Coolgreens Market is a Business Model Built for the Pandemic and Beyond

Why Coolgreens Market is a Business Model Built for the Pandemic and BeyondSince its inception, Coolgreens has been on a mission to sow the seeds of health in every community it plants its roots. Though the COVID-19 crisis presented unforeseen challenges for the restaurant industry, the team at Coolgreens was never going to let a pandemic stop them from achieving its mission.

In early 2020, the company launched Coolgreens Market – smart fridges that offer a quick, affordable and delicious way to grab healthy food on-the-go. Items are made fresh daily in an offsite local kitchen and delivered to the smart fridges. Guests simply swipe their credit card, open the fridge, explore the variety, and make their selections. Once the door is closed, RFID technology automatically charges the customer.

Initially, Coolgreens Market was targeted for high-traffic, dense areas such as airports, stadiums and universities. But when the pandemic limited foot traffic in populated areas, Coolgreens was ready to get creative with its business approach.

“We have always been a nimble brand, so we were ready to react to the many challenges brought on by the pandemic,” said Coolgreens CEO Robert Lee. “We know we offer a modern, innovative franchising model, so we rolled up our sleeves and created new ways to maximize Coolgreens Markets and provide healthful foods, available 24/7 during this time.”

Why Coolgreens Market is a Business Model Built for the Pandemic and Beyond

Here are five reasons why Coolgreens Market has been successful since its launch:

Coolgreens Market is an adaptable business model.

Always ahead of the curve, the healthy lifestyle eatery utilized its smart fridges to capitalize on the new consumer – the socially distanced guest. Coolgreens swiftly changed its focus and implemented smart fridges in high-rise apartments and corporate office buildings. Now, guests are able to conveniently and safely enjoy Coolgreens’ chef-inspired nutritious foods at home or in their workspaces.

It’s a low-cost franchise opportunity.

Coolgreens Market is the newest way to franchise the brand. It gives prospective franchisees an innovative yet simple approach to introducing Coolgreens to new markets. In addition to more easily reaching a new consumer audience, a Coolgreens Market franchise opportunity costs a fraction of a traditional franchise. Now more than ever, low-cost franchise opportunities are extremely attractive to potential franchisees. 

Property managers see value from smart fridges.

The ease of placement, user-friendly features and a diverse mix of foods make implementing a Coolgreens Market a simple and valuable solution for property managers. If office buildings and apartments offer smart fridges with fresh, great tasting, healthy meals, it sends the message that they care about their tenants and encourage a healthy lifestyle. To date, Coolgreens has received positive comments from many property managers, like “This is the best solution for office foods that we’ve ever seen. Adding it was a no brainer.”

The smart fridge menu is customizable.

With Coolgreens Market, the brand found ways to meet the needs of guests, tenants and operators. It’s a quick, fresh and flexible option to provide more food by customizing the menu to cater to all three parties. Coolgreens has a set menu in its restaurants, however the smart fridges have the adaptability to change or modify offerings based on consumer purchasing habits.

There’s a bright future for Coolgreens Market post-COVID.

The brand will become the fresh and healthy food provider for businesses who are offering their services to their employees in office buildings. And, adding high-traffic areas for Coolgreens Market will make more sense in the months ahead. The brand is having ongoing discussions with airports so Coolgreens can provide high-quality, fresh, convenient options to busy travelers. In addition, Coolgreens also plans to partner with office coffee and vending companies.

“There is no doubt that this year has been an interesting journey,” Lee said. “Throughout it, we’ve been willing to ride the wave and handle the currents. From the actions and responses we’ve received from our clients, we know Coolgreens Market can be extremely successful in today’s consumer climate, as well as what’s to come in the future. We look forward to continuing to work with property managers as they navigate the pandemic and offer a unique  amenity to their guests. At the end of the day, we’re proud to be safely serving ‘Food that Feeds Your Life’ in our communities.”

For more information on Coolgreens franchising opportunities, visit franchise.coolgreens.com.

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Why Coolgreens Market is a Business Model Built for the Pandemic and Beyond