Why Your Pub Needs Games

Why Your Pub Needs Games

You’ve got the best bartenders in town. Your food is great. Your drinks are out of this world. So what else do you need to turn your pub into the hottest neighborhood spot?

Your pub needs to create a great atmosphere, encourage customers to stay longer, set itself apart from other pubs, and provide a social opportunity, and there’s one great way to do that—games! Here’s how games can help your pub.

Games create a great atmosphere.

As you probably know, a bar or restaurant is more than just food and drinks. Customers also pay attention to the vibe of your pub—the general energy and feeling that they get when they step in the door. Games create a fun and social atmosphere.

Games encourage customers to stay longer.

It just makes sense—if your customers have something to do, of course they’ll stay longer! When your customers have a game to play, such as OpinioNation LIVE, they’ll be more likely to keep hanging out in your pub. And the longer customers hang out, the more they spend. In fact, one bar owner reports that when customers are playing games, they end up spending about $20 more than they would normally.

Games set your pub apart.

You can only offer so many discounts and so much variation. When it comes to setting yourself apart from the competition, you need to think outside the box. Offering entertainment for customers is one great way to give them something they can’t get at another pub. You can get a leg up on the competition with games from BEOND LIVE that provide a fun experience your customers can’t get elsewhere.

Games provide a social opportunity.

One part of running a successful pub is gaining loyal customers. You can do that by giving customers a reason to come back again and again. What attracts repeat customers more than a little bit of healthy competition? When customers have a chance to hang out with their friends and have fun, they’ll come back often. Of course, your customers don’t have to be trivia wizards to have a great time with games. With BEOND LIVE’s OpinioNation, it’s okay if players don’t have the correct answer—they just have to have the most popular one. This low-pressure game is a great way to inject some fun into a night at your pub.

If you don’t have games at your pub, what are you waiting for? They’re an awesome way to create a great atmosphere, encourage your customers to hang out longer, set your pub apart, and provide a fun social opportunity.

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