Will All-Day Breakfast Be Enough to Save McDonald’s?

Will All-Day Breakfast Be Enough to Save McDonald's?

McDonald’s is in trouble.

The company’s global same-restaurant sales fell consistently for 12 straight months until in June it decided to stop reporting the numbers altogether. According to an AP report, more Golden Arches restaurants would close this year than would be opened for the first time since 1970. McDonald’s embattled CEO stepped down at the beginning of the year, amid a string of unfortunate mishaps: a tainted meat incident in China, poor handling of employee strikes, and an unfavorable employment ruling from the National Labor Relations Board that could shake up the way McDonald’s has conducted its business.

So, yeah, the fast-food chain is kind of in a slump right now. But hey, it has a solution: all-day breakfast!

You’ve probably already heard about this, but here’s the rundown one more time: Starting today, McDonald’s is debuting all-day breakfast across 14,300 US locations. The initiative was in testing as early as March, according to The Wall Street Journal. But now the infrastructure (read: new grills and toasters) is officially in place so that the fast food restaurant can offer “core” menu items, including sausage burritos and hot cakes, well past the traditional breakfast cutoff of 10:30am.

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