199 Ways to Increase Your Tips – How To Become A Truly Exceptional Bartender

Scott Young, internationally known bartender/teacher/speaker/dvd creator,
announces the release of his new 300 page eBook and website, www.thebartendingmasters.com.

Sub-titled, How To Become A Truly Exceptional Bartender; 199 WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR TIPS is the result of 1,000’s of discussions with fellow bartenders as Scott traveled the world training them, but also listening & learning as they shared their passion and advice about their craft .

Scott’s first e-book also draws on his 25 years experience behind the wood serving hundreds of thousands of drinks to satisfied customers.  Through trial and error, he discovered that bartending is so much more than a job as a “drink pourer”.  He treated bartending as a business and an art where a smile and a positive attitude could make all the difference in job satisfaction and financial reward.

In his 20 years of teaching flair with his company Bar Smart Inc. and website,www.extremebartending.com, Scott Young realized that there is always something to be learned in any situation. He decided to create a definitive manual that would help bartenders at all levels, servers, wait staff and managers to become exceptional at their craft and increase their financial rewards. In this over 300 page e-book, he shares his secrets to becoming an exceptional bartender and increasing your tips in the process. He offers practical suggestions that can be quickly put to use and illustrates his tips with real examples and stories that make this e-book a fun and easy read.

Scott’s advice to his readers, “Work on your skills by applying the suggestions in 199 Ways to Increase Your Tips: How to Become a Truly Exceptional Bartender. Dare to practice in your spare time. Get into it. Study the liquor you use. Create the drinks you make. Understand and relate to the people you meet. Understand PR. Treat bartending as your own personal business. Treat your customers/guests with respect and enthusiasm. You’ll discover that with success comes money. In fact, you can… “Fill your Tip Jar with more CASH every night! You can be reading this eBook on your phone, tablet, computer or a print out in the next 5 minutes.

Scott Young is considered by many to be one of the best Bartending Trainers in the world. He has created a step by step guide that will help you serve your ‘Guests” better, get higher sales and make you more money. It can be ordered on line at www.thebartendingmasters.com.

Praise for 199 Ways to Increase Your Tips

If there is just one course that you are tempted to buy right now, this should be the one.  I made more than this course cost me in just one night.”
Kraig Kroger (bartender & bar manager)

Make thousands more dollars a year. Start by investing your hard earned money in becoming better. Invest in yourself.  Buy 199 WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR TIPS today. Drawing from his own experiences and thousands of other bartenders he’s trained & learned from, Scott’s  is the ULTIMATE guide that will help you improve your customer service skills and put lots of extra cash in your pocket.  Apply these tips and you will soon be considered the “Guru” of Bartending in your own club/bar.

“199 Ways to Increase Your Tips is not just about bartending.  Servers and bar managers can benefit too! This insightful reference reads part smart business and part good bartender’s story.  It is your guide to customer service with style. Seriously, anyone in the hospitality industry can benefit!”
Harrison Barr ( former Roxy, Vancouver bartender; Granville Entertainment 10 yr veteran; from his blog @ www.thebartendingmasters.com )

I was implementing some tips from Scott’s 199 Ways to Increase Your Tips.  I definitely doubled my tips that night.  Treating every person with equal attentiveness really pays off.”
Jancy Nightingale (bartender)

I just finished reading a book that I’m certain many of my colleagues in the bartending and hospitality world would want to know about. In fact, I think it’s a book they NEED to know about. It concerns how to earn more tips behind the bar. It’s written by industry celeb Scott Young of Vancouver, B.C.  The book is jam packed with spot-on advice that someone can put into play moments after reading. If I had had this book back when I was tending bar, I’d be taller, healthier and better looking!”
Robert Plotkin  (Bar Guru, Author of 8 Hospitality Industry Books, Sought after Consultant- www.BarMedia.com)

199 Ways to Increase Your Tips - How To Become A Truly Exceptional BartenderFrom the Author, Scott Young:

I am not just a guy who has done a bit of research and written a few books.  I have actually lived the life for 25 years, traveled around the world teaching, learning and performing. I have succeeded and failed over & over & over again. That’s how I learned and why I’m qualified to offer you advice to improve your job/career.  I sincerely believe that you can become an even better bartender , make more money and have fun doing it.  That’s why I decided to share my experience with you. Enjoy.