A Powerful Advocacy Partnership Forms in the Hospitality Industry

A Powerful Advocacy Partnership Forms in the Hospitality Industry
NAMA Presented a report to ECEP members at the ECEP Annual Symposium. Pictured left to right: Robert Owen Jackson, NAMA, Scott Halloran, ECEP member and CEO, Trolley Hospitality Companies, Carla Balakgne, CEO of NAMA

ECEP Gets Voice in Congress with the National Automatic Merchandising Association

A Powerful Advocacy Partnership Forms in the Hospitality IndustryThere is a saying in Washington – “If you aren’t at the table, then you are on the menu.” That was the dramatic opening line from Carla Balakgne, CEO of the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) as she began her report to the more than 70 members of Elite Catering + Event Professionals (ECEP) present at ECEP’s 2023 Symposium, which took place in March in Palm Springs, California.

Last year, ECEP joined with NAMA to have a seat at the table in Washington representing the hospitality industry on issues of advocacy, research and education. The relationship was forged by ECEP member Scott Halloran, CEO of Trolley Hospitality Companies, which is also a member of NAMA.

ECEP’s goal with the alliance: To strengthen the voice and power of the entire hospitality industry through advocacy.

In their report at the symposium, Balakgne and representatives from NAMA updated the membership on bills facing Congress this year that will affect catering and hospitality businesses.  These issues range from catering and cannabis in California to national catalytic converter theft to the Employee Retention Tax Credit.

What and Who Is ECEP

Elite Catering and Event Professionals (ECEP) was founded in 2021 by the best experts and leaders from the world’s top catering and hospitality organizations. United by a common goal of propelling the global catering and events industry forward through advocacy, innovation and bold new ideas.

From its inception, it was important that there by an education arm of ECEP. The organization held its second symposium in March in Palm Springs. At the symposium, ECEP founders and its members redefine the hospitality industry and set new standards of excellence for companies and professionals across the world.

Learn more about the organization and its members at www.ecep.online.com.

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