and one POS Terminal checkout Stand and one POS Terminal checkout Stand

QSR’s, Diners, Restaurants alike all have something in common with all other merchants and that is ADA TITLE III compliance requirements.

That being said, at Taylor ADA POS Stands we have always thought it was odd that merchants have to have Accessible Parking and Accessible Restrooms both of which are required to have but not required for customers with accessible needs to use.

However, POS Checkout is required regardless.

Recently (June 2017), ten (10) restaurants in S. Carolina went under DOJ investigation and as we spoke with the AAG, we found POS Checkout compliance is on the list.  If the restaurants fix the issue, great, if not, those pesky $4,000 fines begin rolling out as well as the Federal and Civil lawsuits.

[The ADA requires the U.S. Department of Justice to do periodic reviews to see if restaurants are compliant, and to bring civil enforcement actions to obtain compliance and issue penalties as appropriate.]

It just takes one ADA Compliant POS Terminal Stand.

Call Taylor ADA Stands (202) 370-6249 or contact us via our website ( and we will help get your business ADA POS Terminal mounted compliant fast.

All it takes is one ADA compliant POS Stand for your POS Terminal.