Before Black Friday Comes ‘Red Roof Wednesday’ – Pizza Hut Preps For One Of Its Busiest Days Of The Year

Before Black Friday Comes 'Red Roof Wednesday' - Pizza Hut Preps For One Of Its Busiest Days Of The Year

College kids call it reunion night. Airports call it pandemonium. Thanksgiving cooks call it the calm before the storm. But Pizza Hut, America’s largest pizza chain, calls it “Red Roof Wednesday.”

Red Roof Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, is the pizza industry’s Black Friday. Family and friends gather inside homes across America in preparation for the big day, but no one dares ask the family cook to dirty a pot or pan the night before their big performance. This formula results in group pizza nights across the country, and this Wednesday Pizza Hut expects to sell more than 1.2 million pies, more than any pizza company in America.

“The night before Thanksgiving is one of our five busiest days of the year at Pizza Hut,” said Doug Terfehr, Director of Public Relations, Pizza Hut. “We’ve coined it Red Roof Wednesday because more pizzas will leave our kitchens than any other restaurant in America, and we take great pride in delivering to family gatherings during such a special time.”

This year for Red Roof Wednesday Pizza Hut is looking to take the pressure off family cooks who go for greatness in preparing their family’s Thanksgiving feast by giving away 100 of the new 3-Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizzas via Twitter. Pizza Hut is inviting fans to tweet @PizzaHut using hashtag #RedRoofWed explaining why their family chef is most deserving of a pizza on Red Roof Wednesday. One hundred entries will be picked at random to receive a coupon code for a free 3-Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza.

In addition, Pizza Hut is offering exclusive deals to members of its Hut Lovers program, including up to 20 percent off any online order. Overall, the best deals beginning on Red Roof Wednesday through the weekend can be found at

Red Roof Wednesday Facts and Stats
On Red Roof Wednesday, Pizza Hut expects to sell more than 1.2 million pies. Pizza Hut has crunched the numbers to deliver some entertaining fun facts and stats.

  • 1,451 Tons of Pizza Hut pizza ordered on Red Roof Wednesday – equivalent to:
    • 1.3 billion cranberries
    • 7.7 million sweet potatoes
  • 1.4 Million Feet of Pizza Hut pizzas sold on Red Roof Wednesday – enough to cover the length of the Mayflower more than 12,700 times.