Booyah for Mooyah – Raising the ‘fast-casual’ burger bar in a crowded market

A Dallas-based chain that also has an outlet in Hot Springs, Mooyah has big expansion plans in Arkansas. Scott Stzelecki, franchisee and owner of the West Little Rock location, says the company plans to open 50 stores all over the state, including several in Central Little Rock. “We are looking [for a space] in downtown Little Rock right now, also midtown,” he said. “I’d love to go around the Shackleford Crossing area if something comes available there.”

Setting it apart from the more minimalist vibe at main competitor Five Guys, the decor of Mooyah’s goes for the fun factor, heavy on quirky pictures of cows and with a “Moodle Doodle” blackboard wall where kids can draw. The menu is open to a little more creative expression than some of its competitors as well. For those not into beef, Mooyah has both turkey burgers and veggie burgers available for the same price as beef, as well as an optional whole wheat bun and sweet potato french fries ($2.45 for small, $3.95 for large).

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