Bourdain’s got no apologies upon his return to Baltimore

Anthony Bourdain, the chef-turned-author-turned-televised-world traveler is coming back to town. On Saturday night at the Hippodrome Theater, he and Eric Ripert, executive chef and owner of Le Bernadin, a three-star New York restaurant, will headline “What to Eat Baltimore,” an evening of storytelling and a question-and-answer session followed by a sampling of dishes from top Baltimore restaurants.

“Unlike me, Eric has a reputation to protect as one of the world’s greatest chefs,” Bourdain said. “We are friends, and I have caused him many uncomfortable moments. I hope my relationship with Baltimore doesn’t cause him any this time around.”

In a brief telephone interview from Le Bernadin, Ripert said he and Bourdain make a good team even though they have different styles. Bourdain is better at performing in public, Ripert said, but, “I am better at cooking.”

Bourdain does like to talk, and he does it well. In a wide-ranging telephone interview from his home in New York, Bourdain discussed his love of street food, trends in American restaurants, and The Food Network. But mostly, he talked about the Baltimore “No Reservations” episode and people’s reaction to it.

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