Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream Franchise Sets Expansion Plans in Motion for Q2 Following Successful Beginning of 2024

Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream Franchise Sets Expansion Plans in Motion for Q2 Following Successful Beginning of 2024

The flash-frozen ice cream franchise will see some exciting changes in Q2, including new delivery options, new flavors and the addition of cookies to the menu.

Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream Franchise Sets Expansion Plans in Motion for Q2 Following Successful Beginning of 2024Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream, the 15-unit flash-frozen nitrogen ice cream franchise, is entering the second quarter of 2024 with momentum and immediate plans for continued expansion. Coming off of a quarter that saw system wide sales up 16%, same store sales increases, new flavor introductions, new mix-ins, strategic collaborations, and impressive delivery options for consumers, the brand will be starting off Q2 with a few immediate openings. Most impressive, perhaps, is Chill-N’s dedication to continual innovation as it works to streamline processes, improve the consumer experience and increase the return-on-investment (ROI) for its franchisees.

“We’re constantly innovating with technology, evolving our brand to meet modern demands,” said Chill-N’s CEO, David Leonardo. “We are not a brand that has rested on its laurels. From advanced software to the liquid nitrogen equipment to our automated cream dispensing machine, we’re enhancing efficiency and quality. We started off with two bases 10 years ago and have grown to offer six. We are constantly driving throughput and minimizing wait times.”

In Q1, the brand launched a line of healthy add-in ingredients to supplement its products including protein. The brand also took part in a collaboration with Knaus Berry Farm, including its regionally famous cinnamon rolls as an ice cream mix-in option that proved to be very popular and is likely to become a seasonal offering.

Throughout the first quarter, Chill-N worked towards finalizing a process that would allow consumers to order a customized ice cream pint to be delivered. When it comes to ice cream delivery, Chill-N is a pioneer, as many brands struggle to offer this convenience without compromising the product because — you guessed it — ice cream tends to melt. However, Chill-N uses its nitrogen technology to flash freeze the ice cream, keeping it cold enough for local deliveries within a 20 minute drive.

“Delivery has been a huge focus for us this year,” Leonardo said. “Delivery makes up almost 20% of our business. We’re at the forefront of ice cream delivery, especially with custom ice cream. Because we are able to flash freeze the ice cream, by the time it gets to your house, it’s as if we’ve handed it to you over the counter. That is something that we’re extremely proud of.”

Chill-N has also introduced some new, innovative flavors including olive oil sea salt, black cherry cheesecake and orange peel chocolate, which consumers can look forward to tasting in Q2. Later this year, Chill-N will be introducing cookies to their menu, as well, with three new flavors in the works.

In addition to the ever-evolving flavor offerings and delivery capabilities, Chill-N looked for other ways to enhance its franchisees’ ROI. In 2023, the brand reduced opening costs for new franchise owners by 20% through a re-engineered design for the nitrogen tanks required to flash-freeze the ice cream. In addition to saving the owners money, this new design also accommodates smaller spaces.

“We took about 70 feet of liquid nitrogen piping out of the store, swapping it for two to three feet of piping,” Leonardo said. “The less distance the nitrogen travels, the less waste is created.”

This innovation helped streamline operations, facilitate quicker store openings and massively improved the profitability of the concept, which is no easy feat with economic concerns affecting many industries, especially the food sector. With this advancement, Chill-N remains confident that its ice cream is well positioned for continued success.

“There’s an anti-recessionary nature to ice cream,” Leonardo said. “It’s one of those guilty pleasures; even as people start keeping a closer hold on their wallets, they’ll still indulge in ice cream. During the pandemic, while other industries struggled, our sales spiked. In light of whatever is coming throughout the rest of this year, I think we’re very well positioned for it.”

While families are cutting costs on things like vacations and dining out, they are still looking for affordable opportunities to enjoy time together.

“Costs are rising, but you can still afford to take your kids for ice cream,” Donna Golik, co-founder and chief brand officer, said. “It remains an affordable, fun family outing and a nice treat.”

Chill-N currently has added three new locations to its development pipeline with a goal to sign at least three more by the end of 2024. Chill-N is always looking for excellent franchise partners dedicated to contributing to the brand’s continued growth. Currently, the brand is seeking growth specifically in South Florida, Southwest Texas and in the Nashville market.

Founded in 2012 in Miami, Fla. by South Florida native Daniel Golik, Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream is one of the first liquid nitrogen ice cream concepts in the nation. The first store opened in the Village of Pinecrest and today the brand has nearly 20 locations in Florida, Texas, and Tennessee, with many stores in the development pipeline. Each serving of ice cream is flash frozen before customers eyes while utilizing the brand’s high-output technology, software, and hardware to produce a faster and more consistent scoop. The proven business model and investment in automation reduces labor costs and allows owners to focus directly on customer support and community engagement. For more information on franchise ownership or to find the nearest location, visit