Crabfest Returns to Red Lobster as the Ultimate Celebration of Everything Crab

Crabfest Returns to Red Lobster as the Ultimate Celebration of Everything Crab

Limited-time Event Features Largest Selection of Crab Dishes All Year

Crabfest Returns to Red Lobster as the Ultimate Celebration of Everything CrabCrabfest, the ultimate celebration of everything crab, is back at Red Lobster! For a limited time, guests are invited to explore the largest variety of wild-caught crab offered all year, including two new types of crab – Dungeness and Southern King.

Guests who crave crab legs can dive into the NEW! Dueling Crab Legs – a pairing of Pacific Northwest Dungeness and sweet Snow crab legs, or they can try the NEW! Southern King Crab Leg Dinner or Wild-Caught Snow Crab Legs. For those that like crab in combination with other seafood favorites, there are a variety of great new choices like NEW! Crab Cakes and Crab-Oscar Salmon, NEW! Crabfest Ultimate Surf & Turf and NEW! Shrimp-Topped Crab Cake Dinner. And, several guest favorite items are returning to the Crabfest menu this year, including Crab Lover’s Dream, Ultimate Feast, and Crab Linguini Alfredo.

“Crab is one of the most craveable seafoods, which explains why our guests love Crabfest. We’re excited about the variety of flavors and types of crabs we are offering this year as well as the different culinary preparations,” said Dustin Hilinski, Executive Chef and Director, Culinary at Red Lobster. “Crab legs and crab cakes are always great choices, but crab is also delicious as an ingredient in a dip, sandwich or pasta, or as a topping on steak or salmon. During Crabfest, guests can really have it any way they want.”

During this year’s Crabfest, guests can also enjoy a limited-time crab appetizer – the NEW! Three-Cheese Crab Dip – a creamy blend of Blue crab crabmeat and cream cheese, mozzarella and Monterey jack cheeses, served with warm artisan bread. And, the NEW! Crabfest Cooler, served in a collectible Coastal Crab glass, is the perfect complement to any meal, featuring a tropical blend of Malibu, Midori, Sour Mix and pineapple with a Blue Curacao Float.

Red Lobster kicks off Crabfest with its new “Now This Is Seafood” advertising campaign that uses a multisensory, multi-frame approach that communicates craveability in a new way. The campaign uses music versus the traditional voiceover to orchestrate the sounds of the kitchen and restaurant, coupled with fast-paced, multi-frame visuals that show the food from preparation to plate.

Guests are also invited to share their own Crabfest experiences on Red Lobster’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. To view the complete Red Lobster menu, find a restaurant location or to join the Fresh Catch Club, visit Red Lobster’s website.