Don’t Let Your Soap Make You Sick

Don't Let Your Soap Make You SickThe food service industry is facing two challenges with the use of outdated reservoir soap dispensers found in most restaurants.  They are easy to break and they can allow bacteria to grow inside, causing people to get sick.

In a Foodservice Radio interview, Andrew Werth of Archer Manufacturing details how the OPS 1-Touch dispenser solves both of these important issues.  “We’re finding that a lot of establishments, especially bars, fast food chains, and schools are having trouble with vandalized soap dispensers.  People are breaking the dispenser, tearing them off the wall, or even opening them up and putting things inside the soap,” says Werth.  “In response, Archer has come out with the OPS1-Touch, a brand new type of dispenser specifically made for the food industry.  The dispenser is constructed with 14 and 16-gauge brushed stainless steel and a secure lock.  We guarantee it to be 100% vandal proof, and believe me, it is.”

The OPS 1-Touch also eliminates the issue of bacteria in the soap.  “Most restaurants use refillable, bulk hand soap dispensers,” Werth continues.  “When the dispenser gets low on soap, the establishment just pours more soap inside.  This would be fine except that these dispensers rarely, if ever get cleaned.  Most people expect their hands to get clean after washing them, but it’s possible for your hands to become up to 26 times more contaminated with bacteria after you wash your hands from an old fashioned, bulk soap dispenser.”

The 1-Touch foaming hand soap dispenser addresses this issue by using disposable hermetically sealed cartridges and disposable pumps.  This eliminates the need to wash out the dispenser and prevents bacteria from growing inside it.  The dispenser never gets contaminated since it never touches the soap.  The soap is also environmentally-friendly and approved by the EPA’s Designed for the Environment or DFE Program.

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Andrew Werth
VP of Marketing
Archer Manufacturing