Emerging Franchises Hits the Ground Running!

Emerging Brands Hits the Ground Running!

Emerging Brands Hits the Ground Running!Founder and Managing Partner Greg George, has been extremely busy the past few months. This month, Mr. George launched Emerging Franchises, a franchise consulting firm and brought on Samantha Rincione as his Managing Partner. Together, they have executed contracts for ten (10) Brands. Emerging Franchises is a management company with a team that has over 40 years combined experience in franchise development, franchise representation, brand building and developing successful franchise models.

“We hand select the most emerging concepts in today’s franchise opportunity market. We have been franchisors, franchisees, franchise representatives, venture capitalist, investors and led many unknown brands from a single store location to hundreds of locations all over America as well as Internationally,” said Mr. George.

“Our focus is identifying the best of the best when it comes to emerging brands and fully developing the brand into a successful business model that is replicable anywhere on the planet,” Mr. George continued.  “We only work with brands with a successful history and ones that are proven to give the franchise partner a return on their investment. We encourage individuals to review the brands in our portfolio and allow us to educate you on the brand that best matches with your likes and lifestyle.”

“I am extremely excited to Partner with Greg as well as represent our diverse brand portfolio,” said Mrs. Rincione. Emerging Franchises Diverse Portfolio consists of Mediterranean, Hot Dogs and Tropical drinks, pasta, Amerimex, Korean, BBQ, Wings and Beer, Auto Wash, Dog Grooming and Pizza. “We are constantly looking for new brands that will make a large impact in such a competitive market,” said Mrs. Rincione.

Greg George has had a stellar career in franchising since 2002. Mr. George has been a franchisor, franchisee and a franchise representative during the past 15 years.  Greg’s unsurpassed knowledge of the franchise industry is second to none. For the past 15 years, Mr. George has been directly responsible for developing over 15 brands, while assisting multiple brands during the startup phase, Greg has also been instrumental in acquisitions and exits.

Greg is an expert in franchise development both domestically and internationally with a focus on franchise sales and marketing. Greg has executed over 1000 franchise agreements for multiple brands which resulted in over $15 million in Franchise Fees. Greg is a pioneer in using video/audio technology Social Media as well as a Personal Branding Expert.

Samantha Rincione has been in an integral force in the franchising sector for over 10 years. Samantha’s previous accomplishment was a Multi-Unit Franchisee with Red Mango, Smoothie Factory and Red Mango Café owning and operating 10 stores in the New York area.

During her tenure as a multi-unit franchisee, Samantha’s stores were featured for Discovery Day’s for potential franchisees. Samantha has been credited for her outstanding operations which ultimately led to multiple franchised stores sold within the Red Mango network. Mrs. Rincione’s locations were also utilized as corporate training locations for franchisees before their initial store opening.

Samantha’s most recent position was Vice President of Franchise Development for UFood Grill as well as Director of Marketing. During Samantha’s tenure at UFood Grill, the UFood Brand won the “Top 100 Mover’s and Shaker’s Award” by Fast Casual Magazine. Mrs. Rincione possesses a vast knowledge in Franchise Sales, Operations, Marketing, Social Media, Development and Training. Samantha was recognized by QSR Magazine as an excellent operator as well as the influencer award.

Emerging Franchises offers other services such as Business Review, Creating Franchise Agreements, Trademark, Operations Manuals, Franchise Marketing Plans, Website and Brand Development, Franchise Representation as well as International Development.

For more information please visit http://www.emergingfranchises.com.

Emerging Brands Hits the Ground Running!