Express Text Offers SMS Marketing for Restaurants

Express Text Offers SMS Marketing for Restaurants

Express Text Offers SMS Marketing for RestaurantsSMS marketing is a business technique used to send promotional texts to users. It is a permission-based technique that requires users to opt into the service to receive text message specials, new product updates or discounts. SMS text marketing can be a valuable tool for restaurants.

In today’s day and age, fast food and other restaurants are popping up on every corner. Franchises of popular food chains are bought by many businessmen and organizations. Whether big or small, every restaurant can afford to carry out SMS marketing and here’s why they should do so: first and foremost, this method of marketing can help to create brand awareness. If a young entrepreneur opens up a burger joint which serves delicious burgers, texting can help build a customer base faster. One issue small businesses run into is building a list of phone numbers from subscribers, and without that data, even if they provide good quality products, they will not have anyone to sell to or remind about their business. There is an easy way to fix that and that is by running a text to join campaign. A text to join campaign consists of a customer texting a keyword like GRILL to a 5-6 digit shortcode number such as 545454 to join and receive weekly text messages. Secondly, if your restaurant is having a slow day, you can send out a text blast to your subscribed opted in contacts offering discounts off of a customer’s next purchase within 24 hours. This is a very effective method that is used frequently by most restaurants in the industry.

SMS marketing for restaurants can also be used to update customers on new products. McDonald’s often adds new products to its menu like the McFlurry flavors, the seasonal mc rib sandwich and much more. Every time that they do so, a text blast is sent to all the brand’s customers informing them of the product and price. When customers know about it, many of them are likely to try to it. Other uses include sending weekly specials to loyal customers, informing them of special events, asking them to leave ratings and reviews as well as allowing them to order food directly through SMS.

Statistics show that SMS marketing for restaurants is the leading method of marketing. It is rendered as the most effective method as 97% of text messages are opened and read. In contrast to this, emails are only opened 10% of the time. Moreover, almost all SMSs are read within the first 3 minutes! This is why 24 hour or other short-term discount offers are effective. Customers are informed about the offer within seconds and they will be more tempted to avail it if they know it expires quickly.

Businesses choose to opt for this method of marketing over others not only because of its affordability but also because they are intimate, instant, a guaranteed read and along with that, they are well received. Customers themselves want businesses to send them text messages. If they love a restaurant, they will appreciate receiving offers and discounts and are more likely to become loyal towards the brand which in turn is profitable for a business.