First Paris Baguette Café in Utah Set To Open in Midvale on May 6th as the Brand Continues To Dominate the Bakery Franchise Space

First Paris Baguette Café in Utah Set To Open in Midvale on May 6th as the Brand Continues To Dominate the Bakery Franchise Space

Local Resident and Franchisee Su Kim is set to open her first Paris Baguette café at 950 E Fort Union Blvd. Midvale, UT 84047

First Paris Baguette Café in Utah Set To Open in Midvale on May 6th as the Brand Continues To Dominate the Bakery Franchise SpaceParis Baguette, the bakery café concept with 4,000 units worldwide, is growing quickly in America. With over 160 bakery cafés in the U.S., another 43 awarded, 70 leases signed and another 94 looking for real estate, they have built a strong presence nationwide. Paris Baguette continues along an impressive growth trajectory with their most recent bakery café opening at 950 E Fort Union Blvd. Midvale, UT 84047, on May 6th.

For Su Kim, Paris Baguette is synonymous with growing up. For as long as she can remember, there was a Paris Baguette cake at every family celebration or holiday. When she immigrated from South Korea to Utah to pursue her master’s degree, there were no comparable bakery café options to be found.

Kim has been in the financial industry working for Goldman Sachs for over a decade, but recently decided she wanted to branch out and do something that would benefit her community in the Salt Lake City suburb of Midvale. With fond childhood memories of Paris Baguette in  mind, she decided to open her own location of the bakery café franchise.

“Growing up, every special occasion my family had, the cake was from Paris Baguette. I always enjoyed the cakes so much, and remembered walking into a Paris Baguette store and smelling the nice bread and pastries. I have a lot of friends that come from different states or various countries. I want to share the similar joy growing up with my family with these friends.” said Kim. “I am excited to bring that experience to Utah and the Salt Lake County communities because I think we are ready — this city is growing so much and Paris Baguette fits right into it.”

The Midvale café opening is a milestone for the brand, as it will be the first Paris Baguette to open in the state of Utah. As their growth continues, Paris Baguette is looking to the 1,000-unit mark in the U.S. by 2030 and working to expand through meaningful partnerships with local entrepreneurs who show a genuine interest in uniting their neighbors through connections over delicious baked goods and fresh coffee drinks.

“We’re on a mission to revive the concept of the neighborhood bakery café across the U.S., and we’re excited to see Su take this on in her own community,” said Eric Lavinder, chief development officer of Paris Baguette. “One of the sayings our teams throughout the system embody is, ‘Happy to see you. Even happier to serve you.’ And we know Su will wholeheartedly embrace this approach in her neighborhood.”

In the $17 billion bakery segment, it is Paris Baguette’s person-first approach that allows them to differentiate themselves, offering an attractive opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to build something both lucrative and meaningful. The brand’s consistently climbing average unit volumes speak to the strength of the model, but Paris Baguette has never lost sight of their mission to revive the neighborhood bakery café.

As the team works toward opening 100 bakery cafés and awarding another 150 this year, they are focused on bringing the Paris Baguette experience to neighborhoods in Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio and Kentucky.

With a projected 1,000 bakery cafés in the United States by 2030, Paris Baguette is on a mission to reestablish the neighborhood bakery café as the heart of the community. Paris Baguette serves craveable baked and brewed treats and creates warm and welcoming experiences through a blend of gracious service, expert craftsmanship and community connections. From decisions made behind a desk to smiles offered behind a counter, the desire to spread joy and make the world a happier place drives everything we do. Being a neighborhood bakery café means caring about those around us and finding ways to make a real impact. We do so through our “Love Baked In” programs that bring to life our commitment to serving local communities through various charitable programs and initiatives. Paris Baguette is a leader in the hospitality industry with its commitment to creating unique consumer experiences and a network of successful franchisee relationships. For information and to find the Paris Baguette location closest to you, please visit