Gipsee introduces Interactive Allergy Menus for sit-down restaurants, eliminating need for allergy-specific menus

Gipsee, Inc. the leading maker of Food Allergy software for the restaurant industry today announced the completion of an enhanced version of its Interactive Allergy Software, especially designed for the ‘non-QSR’ sit-down dining sector of the restaurant industry.

Most sit-down dining places like Chili’s, Applebee’s and others in the category often maintain eight or more allergy-specific menus. Customers, and, especially those with multiple restrictions/allergies, then have to manually search for items that may be safe for them to eat from the eight or more menus presented. Gipsee’s newest offering eliminates the need for restaurants to produce multiple allergy-specific menus and, replaces them with an ‘on-demand’ capability based on dynamic user requests.

The new software, allows restaurant staff to select and enter food allergies or ingredient restrictions that a customer may have into the Gipsee software, in order to instantly produce customized menu choices for the customer. The Customized Menus generated by the process take into account ingredient aliases as well as ingredient derivatives. Allergens or, restriction selections are not limited to the major eight allergen groups. Customers have the flexibility of selecting from hundreds of ingredients and thousands of combinations of restrictions representing a more pragmatic approach to food allergy occurrences.

“It is aimed at reducing the ‘Allergy-Pong’ that takes place in restaurants when customers with dietary restrictions try to order from existing menus”, says Dilip Chopra, co-founder of Gipsee. “The ordering process for allergy-sensitive customers often involves a question and answer dialog between the wait-staff, the kitchen staff or manager with several rounds of back and forth communication for purposes of resolving food ingredients and cross-contamination issues”. “Ingredient identification is a large part of the process” says Atul Ahuja, Gipsee’s co-founder and Technology Chief. “the other part is avoidance of cross-contamination, which is a human diligence issue. This technology addresses the complicated part of ingredient identification based on a customer’s unique combinations of restrictions.”

Gipsee’s latest product, based on licensed patent-pending technology, offers many advantages to restaurants including cost-savings from not having to go through the tedious task of identifying allergy characteristics of each menu item by each allergen group. It eliminates costs associated with printing and maintaining multiple allergy-specific paper menus, and reduces communication errors between the wait staff and customers particularly important during busy time slots.

The technology is also available for ‘bundling-up’ with upcoming platforms that are being increasingly used by restaurants such as iPad and other touch-screen display devices.

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