Global Online Restaurant Reservations Leader EVEVE Announces Its Most Recent Expansion Into Two New York Markets Involving Partnerships With Leading Buffalo And Rochester Restaurants

Continuing a successful rollout of its cloud-based reservations system, Timothy Ryan, President of EVEVE’s US operations, announced today that four leading New York restaurants — in Buffalo and Rochester, NY, — have switched their online reservation systems to EVEVE.   EVEVE announced its newest expansion plans into New York, eight other states and two provinces in Canada after surpassing expectations in their initial U.S. test market of the Twin Cities in Minnesota.    Entering the U.S. market just eight months ago, EVEVE has succeeded in capturing 39% of all Twin Cities online bookings and announced last month that they have now surpassed Urbanspoon as Open Table’s leading U.S. competitor.

Buffalo and Rochester’s critically acclaimed Black and Blue Steak and Crab and JoJo Bistro and Wine Bar restaurants announced today that they have switched their online booking systems to EVEVE.    “These four extraordinary restaurants are perfect compliments to the elite calibre of restaurants we are partnering with throughout the U.S.,” said EVEVE’s Ryan.

“What is interesting about our new partners is the extensive due diligence they performed into the future of online restaurant reservations,” said Ryan.   “Our new clients were educated in alternative solutions available in the marketplace and their decision to partner with EVEVE is further evidence that the North American restaurant marketplace is beginning to see EVEVE as the technology and business partner they need to align themselves with if they are going to experience levels of growth that will allow them to flourish in these challenging economic times.”

EVEVE’s cutting-edge technology, which uses cloud-based solutions, makes it easier for restaurants to take advantage of critically important new mobile technologies. “As restaurants start to look into mobile websites, they realize our system will be much easier to integrate and preserve their brand” said Ryan, “which is perhaps a factor in the increased number of calls we are fielding from throughout the country. Restaurant owners not only have to cut costs, but stay on top of technology at the same time, and the fact that Eveve offers both has contributed to our careful but rapid growth.

Established in 2007, EVEVE is a leading global supplier of live reservation systems and has relationships with approximately 1,000 restaurants worldwide.  For more information, please visit

Timothy Ryan