Good Fortune Awaits at P.F. Chang’s with Launch of New “Lucky 8 Dishes” Menu for Chinese New Year

Good Fortune Awaits at P.F. Chang's with Launch of New "Lucky 8 Dishes" Menu for Chinese New Year
P.F. Chang’s co-founder Philip Chiang displays the Chinese New Year menu
Wealth, prosperity and Firecracker Chicken can be yours, starting February 16

Good Fortune Awaits at P.F. Chang's with Launch of New "Lucky 8 Dishes" Menu for Chinese New YearCelebrate the Chinese New Year with a fortuitous feast at P.F. Chang’s as the restaurant begins offering the Lucky 8 Dishes menu, available from February 16 through March 5. The menu consists of traditional Chinese New Year fare with a modern twist, inspired by recipes which co-founder Philip Chiang learned from his mother, James Beard award winner, Cecilia Chiang. Diners who order off the new menu will receive a special red fortune cookie containing chances to win prizes, including a trip to San Francisco, the city that hosts the largest Chinese New Year celebration outside of Asia.

“Food is a very important way for families to celebrate the Chinese New Year. P.F. Chang’s is inviting people everywhere to share this special tradition with a meaningful meal,” said Philip Chiang, co-founder of P.F. Chang’s. “You will find that our Lucky 8 Dishes menu is a flavorful, contemporary nod to traditional Chinese holiday fare.”

Lucky 8 Dishes Menu

As the Chinese New Year is laden with symbolism, every dish featured on Lucky 8 Dishes is handpicked by Creative Culinary Chef Yuji Iwasa to take on a deeper meaning. Three of the à la carte menu items are available for a limited time only, including the Flaming Pork Wontons, Firecracker Chicken and Chinese Red Wine & Pepper Braised Beef.

“The Chinese New Year is all about good fortune, starting with the lucky number 8,” said Iwasa. “The symbolism behind the ingredients goes back centuries, but the dish presentation and flavors are fresh and modern.”

Good Fortune Awaits at P.F. Chang's with Launch of New "Lucky 8 Dishes" Menu for Chinese New Year
Flaming Pork Wontons
Dim Sum

  • Flaming Pork Wontons (limited time only) – Shaped like gold and silver coins from ancient China, dumplings symbolize prosperity as they are stuffed and folded, sealing in wealth.
  • Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps – In Cantonese, the word for “lettuce” sounds like “rising fortune.” So, the more you eat, the more fortune you will have.


  • Firecracker Chicken (limited time only) – In a ritual called “opening the door of fortune,” firecrackers were lit at home to scare away evil spirits. The doors were sealed and not reopened until morning.
  • Chinese Red Wine & Pepper Braised Beef (limited time only) – Cabbage traditionally represents green, folded cash. As a symbol of affluence, it is said to provide prosperity and luck in a variety of ways.
  • Orange Peel Shrimp – Oranges are the most popular and abundant fruit during Chinese New Year, and are known to be a symbol of good luck.
  • Oolong Chilean Sea Bass – Serving fish is symbolic of prosperity, so having it at the dinner table is regarded as a promising way to start the New Year.
  • Garlic Noodles – A bowl of noodles can shed light on your longevity. The belief states that the longer the noodle, the longer the life span.


  • The Great Wall of Chocolate – Cake’s sweetness symbolizes a rich, sweet life, while the layers represent rising abundance for the coming year.

Recommended Drink Pairings

Delicious cuisine is even better when paired with the perfect beverage, and P.F. Chang’s has a broad selection of beer, wine and cocktails to suit the occasion. Beverage Director Mary Melton recommends beer lovers pair their meal with Tsingtao, while the Evolution White Blend wine brings out the flavors of the Firecracker Chicken. The Coconut Lemon Sour cocktail is perfect for toasting, as coconut represents togetherness.

Win a Trip to San Francisco

In addition, each diner will receive a red fortune cookie containing a promo code which they enter on the Chinese New Year microsite. One lucky winner will receive a trip for two to San Francisco, including a 3-night stay at a luxury hotel, a guided tour of Chinatown, a wine tour in Napa Valley and a dinner at P.F. Chang’s. As a bonus, all guests who use their promo code are entered to win a special P.F. Chang’s offer.

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