GrabNgo Restaurant Take-Out Software App to Launch March 1

GrabNgo Restaurant Take-Out Software App to Launch March 1

  • Fully customizable services for restaurants and customers
  • 5% of all sales will be donated to Feeding America

GrabNgo, a new restaurant take-out software app, plans to launch on March 1, 2014. GrabNgo helps restaurants manage their take-out business; restaurants can update their menus and track all orders like large chain franchises. GrabNgo was built using adaptive website design, so it will be available on any hardware or mobile device, starting with Android tablet systems. Upon launch and going forward, grabNgo will donate 5% of all sales to Feeding America.

GrabNgo provides a unique and affordable take-out management solution that gives restaurants complete control of their online menu. Grabngo will offer Platinum, Gold and Silver bundle programs (including hardware).

For customers, grabNgo makes food pick-up easier than ever before. Customers can go directly to a restaurant’s grabNgo page, pick items and pay online.

Upon launch grabNgo plans to donate 5% of all sales to the charity Feeding America (, an organization that has fed 37 million Americans.

GrabNgo was created by full-stack developer Jon Van de Wetering who has 30 years of experience in Information Technology as a programmer/analyst and consultant. Jon creates real-time dynamic applications for the web, specializing in online reservation/registration/ordering systems. Jon is fluent in ColdFusion 4-10, ASP, Visual Basic 3-6 (ADO, RDO, ODBC), VBA, HTML, JavaScript, MS/Access, Dreamweaver, Coldfusion, MS/SQL and FOCUS. Clients have included Sega, Bank of America and Kaiser Permanente.

Look for the launch announcement soon.

Soozy G. Miller