How Tablet Technology is Revamping the Bar Atmosphere

How Tablet Technology is Revamping the Bar Atmosphere

In today’s society, technology has become a pivotal part of our daily lives, wherever we go. Buzztime’s new BEOND platform allows your bar or pub to offer your customers a very unique tablet technology experience while also improving the overall atmosphere, excitement and allure of your location.

Take a look around your restaurant. What is the one common trend you see? The majority of your customers are likely either on their phones / tablets or have them sitting on the table. It has become a common practice to be constantly connected to technology whether it is through text, social media, applications, or games. Why not take what customers enjoy the most and incorporate that into your overall customer experience? You could take a point of distraction and turn it into an attraction with the new Buzztime BEOND platform and Playmaker tablets!

When a customer is sitting at your location completely enamored with their smartphones, they are missing out on one key enjoyment of eating out – social interaction! Buzztime BEOND offers a variety of games and features via touchscreen tablets and your TVs that encourage conversation with the other guests at their table AND with the people around them.

Even though most consumers own either a tablet or smartphone, the Buzztime Playmaker tablets still create a trendy and exclusive feel within the restaurant and bar environment. Now you can offer a tablet to your customers on which they can play trivia, poker and various arcade games while competing against players across the country. We’ve developed a proven entertainment experience solution specifically designed to capture your patrons’ attention. You’ll be engaging with your guests on a heightened level allowing you to increase your revenue stream.

Trivia, Poker and an Arcade, Oh My!

Buzztime offers a variety of features that will keep your guests entertained and coming back each week. Buzztime trivia, for example, enables your patrons to compete with players within your location, locally or nationally. There are a variety of different games with new content and categories that spark the interest and competitive spirit of all customers.

Who’s all in? Buzztime also offers poker tournaments that run all day long! And Buzztime poker allows your customers to enjoy the excitement and thrill of the game without suffering from gamblers’ remorse. You also have the ability to host on-demand Hold’em LIVE events and invite customers to come in weekly to compete against each other for the winners title.

The Playmaker Tablets also offer arcade games that are great for adults and kids alike. Whether you love strategy games, shooter games, or games specifically tailored for children, all of your patrons will find something they love to play.

Make Tuesday the New Friday!

Buzztime offers a variety of Trivia LIVE events that you can host yourself! Forget the old school pen and paper style trivia this is dynamic, engaging, and VERY modern!

You could also use the tablets to host a night of OpinioNation LIVE, an exciting, fast-paced new Buzztime game that will keep your customers engaged and coming back for excitement and laughter week after week. For OpinioNation LIVE, Buzztime has surveyed people all over the US on various light hearted topics and it is the players’ challenge to pick the most popular answer. What’s great about this game is that you don’t have to be a trivia genius to play; all you need is a tablet and your own opinion!


In our fast-paced, trend-driven society, technology is everywhere. As a decision maker in the bar and restaurant industry, this is the perfect time to stop trying to follow the trends and become a destination. Get ahead of the competition and bring Buzztime BEOND into your location!

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