How to Reignite Your Customer Loyalty Program

How to Reignite Your Customer Loyalty ProgramA loyalty program can be an awesome way to get customers to come back again and again. But what if your loyalty program is lagging? Maybe it used to be great, but it just hasn’t been successful lately. Should you give it up completely? No way! Your customer loyalty program might need a little TLC, but you can definitely reignite it with these tips and tricks.

Figure out what your customers want.

The problem with your loyalty program might be that the rewards just aren’t good enough. If your rewards are something your customers don’t even want, then how do you think you’ll motivate them to come back? Observe customer buying habits and figure out what seems to be the most valuable purchase at your restaurant. You also might consider administering a customer survey so that you can directly ask what would motivate your customers to use your loyalty program.

Make the rewards achievable.

What do customers have to do to earn a reward? Do they have to buy five meals? Ten meals? Twenty? If you set the bar too high, it might seem impossible for customers, and they could give up before they even get started. You might consider offering multiple reward levels—your customers could earn a smaller reward when they hit five purchases, for example, and a larger reward when they hit 10.

Make it convenient.

What do your customers have to do to earn their rewards? Do they have to present a punch card that they could easily lose or forget at home? Sometimes, all it takes to reignite interest in your customer loyalty program is a new format. Instead of a physical card, you could use an app so that customers could use their smartphones to participate, or create a social media based loyalty program.

Promote it.

You can’t expect customers to participate in your loyalty program if they don’t even know it exists. Mention it on social media, put it on your website, and promote it via in-store signage. You should also have your employees remind customers about it.

If your loyalty program is lagging behind, don’t worry. By putting some of these ideas into practice, you can reignite your loyalty program!

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