Introducing “Scoundrel”: A Classic French Bistro With a Southern Twist

Introducing "Scoundrel": A Classic French Bistro With a Southern Twist

Scoundrel: rascal, mischief-maker, life of the party. A scoundrel is disruptive yet charming and effortlessly cool. This exactly characterizes the identity of Greenville’s latest restaurant concept by Chef Joe Cash, Scoundrel.

With an extensive resume working in some of the world’s best restaurants, Cash has returned to his roots in Greenville, SC to open a restaurant that features French bistro classics with a Southern twist. DP3 Architects partnered with Cash to completely transform an existing space into a new, reimagined restaurant located in the heart of downtown.

The design inspiration is drawn from the glamour and nostalgia of old-school French brasseries. This includes an eclectic old-world charm with specifically selected materials to enhance the well-worn look. A few of the interior highlights include a statement patio entrance to welcome and entice the pedestrian traffic off Main Street, the vintage arched mirror wall to draw the eye through the space, and a designated lounge area where patrons are invited to sip a specialty cocktail and enjoy the luxurious setting. Cash understands the importance of the appearance of the dining room and how it serves as a vital expression of the Scoundrel brand. “I wanted a gritty, stripped-down bistro that was also elegant,” says Cash, “It’s just really sexy, but a little different and fun.”

Ultimately, Scoundrel will be focused on creating a unique dining experience that caters to both foodies and those who aren’t. “Everyone should feel at home here — it’s nice, but it’s also called Scoundrel, so we’re going to be a little rough around the edges, and so can you. Our services are a little fun, and it’s friendly. The last thing I want us to be is stuffy,” says Cash.

Introducing "Scoundrel": A Classic French Bistro With a Southern Twist

From the interior design to the impressive menu, Scoundrel promises an elevated, yet approachable meal in a space buzzing with energy and excitement. DP3 Architects is proud to play a role in the local Upstate restaurant design scene and we look forward to years of iconic dishes to come from Scoundrel. More details and photos here:


Introducing "Scoundrel": A Classic French Bistro With a Southern Twist