Lafayette – The Balkan Prince of Restaurants and Cabarets

Lafayette - The Balkan Prince of Restaurants and Cabarets

Lafayette - The Balkan Prince of Restaurants and CabaretsLafayette is not just a restaurant or a club – it is a realm of catharsis and synesthesia of food, drinks, high-quality music, and theater.

The renowned team of architects is responsible for the glamorous and classy appearance of the first Serbian cabaret-restaurant-club, which covers 1800 square meters and consists of a handful of lights, comfortable booths, a stage, a fascinating bar area, and a garden that overlooks the Sava River.  Artistic team of 80 performers produce one of the most prestigious cabaret show in the world.

The original menu, created by the experienced team of chefs, combines French cuisine with modern Asian flavors, along with selected wines and a large selection of cocktails. Out of the 9 starters, Lafayette highlights the Carpaccio, Japanese steak tartare, Foie Gras, Edamame salad, Octopus salad, Crispy duck fillet, and Warm goose liver.

The Burrata mozzarella has been given an autumn-winter twist and is served with glazed artichokes, chips, and dill powder. This tasty appetizer is topped with yellow cherry tomato gel. Warm goose liver on paind d’epices (traditional French gingerbread) is topped with terry truffle sauce and apple marinated in ginger. The selection of cheeses and prosciutto represents some of the most prestigious aromatic palettes in the world: Roquefort, Brie, Comte, Tomme de Savoie, and prosciutto dried in the wind without smoke or fire. The Wagyu beef & parmesan soup is made from a special kind of Japanese beef. The menu also includes authentic pasta and risotto dishes.

The Asian section of the menu offers around twenty sushi specialties that have been adapted to the flavors of continental European cuisine. Only fresh fish is used for all the dishes. Unagi eel is imported from Japan, while tuna, salmon, and octopus arrive straight from the Adriatic Sea.

Sushi specialties are “dragon roll”, “red phoenix”, “pink gravlax roll”, and “Lafayette roll”. “Slow food” is present for a reason. For example, veal breast is gently cooked in the oven for up to eight hours to preserve the juices and the full flavor of the meat. Confit lamb is prepared for 12 hours and served in a napkin with couscous and gratin potatoes.

The founder of the Lafayette cabaret club and the creator of the concept, Aleksandar Kajmakovi?, gave a statement exclusively for “Currently, we manage over 15 restaurants of various profiles here in Serbia. I see Lafayette as a completely different, separate, and unique concept. Lafayette isn’t just a restaurant or a club, it is a unique original concept whose main goal is to “take over” all the five senses of our guests. We managed to create a gastronomic and theatrical experience that leaves no one indifferent.”

Lafayette’s bar, created seven signature cocktails. They’ve perfected the recipes following the pulse of molecular cuisine and the chef’s meals, but also the actors on stage. Their team wanted to assure that 22 waiters and 13 bartenders are a part of the performance. Thus, during the performance of “Roxanne”, for exactly 42 seconds, which is the duration of the violinist’s solo part, the bar comes into the spotlight as the Roxanne cocktail is made in front of the audience. Burning with passion, the bright red liquid is poured into a premium martini glass that is overflowing with smoke and flames.

Inspired by France, the “Lafayette” signature cocktail is a real attraction. The cocktail contains premium French cognac, orange liqueur, and red wine made from four grape varieties. The drink topped with gold leaves, forest fruits, and a little citrus, is served on a wooden board made out of traditional Serbian walnut and covered with a bell filled with smoke. The cocktail offering also includes the famous “Meryl Monroe” cocktail, which smells like the irresistible signature “Chanel 5” perfume. The other drinks found on the menu include top French champagnes, mulled wines, Japanese Yamazaki whiskey, Nikka Coffey malt, French Sushi wine, and 100 percent Brazilian coffee from the Tierra line.

For dessert lovers, Lafayette offers seven special desserts prepared by master Bojana Bukvi?. Dessert Sweet Foie gras is made from goose liver on chocolate terrine and it is one of the most luxurious desserts. Other specialty desserts include Gianduia Krempita, Chocolate Nest, Cote D’Azur, and Yuzu Tart.

Kajmakovi? adds, “The key to Lafayette’s success lies in its originality. Our world is full of restaurants, clubs, theaters, and cabarets. Due to the unique mix, only Lafayette causes absolute catharsis in guests. Our guests come from the most distant parts of Europe and the world to Belgrade just to attend a show at Lafayette and enjoy its international cuisine.”

Every weekend, famous choreographers and talented artists perform a spectacular cabaret show, creating an unforgettable experience for guests who participate in some of the acts themselves. The art director and choreographer of the program at Lafayette is Milan Gromili?. After cabaret, Lafayette turns into a club where the guests can dance and indulge in the rhythms of famous DJs until the morning.

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