Let’s Do Trivia! Goes 100% Contact-Free

Let's Do Trivia! Goes 100% Contact-Free

App-Assisted, Live Hosted Trivia, Bingo, and more

Let's Do Trivia! Goes 100% Contact-FreeIn light of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the response by elected officials, Let’s Do Entertainment invested in Contact-Free applications for its various live-hosted restaurant/bar game show products.

Designed to raise the comfort level for people who may be avoiding public venues and to help flatten the curve, these apps remove the need for constant movement of players or hosts during each weekly game show.

Also, there is no distribution of game supplies such as game sheets or pencils, all of which could spread the virus. “Any time you have a host going from table to table, or a player walking answers to the host, you are significantly raising the risk to your guests,” said Let’s Do Entertainment President, John Mixon. “Creating the apps for our games was the only option to remain a viable and important part of restaurant mid-week marketing.”

The mid-Atlantic-based company reports adding more than $1.25 million in mid-week sales to 38 restaurant clients in 2019 through its game shows. Clearly an important mid-week strategy for venues, the apps came with no small price tag. Mixon continued, “We had to do something. Restaurants were closed to walk-in business and then open to limited seating. They were and are still hurting.”

Mixon said that while his company immediately serves the mid-Atlantic region including Delaware, Maryland, and eastern Pennsylvania, both “open” and “protected territory” franchises are available to entertainment marketing companies within the United States.

Noting the need to increase traffic and the mental health benefits of socialization, Mixon said, “Mid-week game shows are the smart way to increase year-over-year sales and build on your network of loyal guests who so desperately crave socialization, a vital element to good mental health, physical health, and longevity.”

Let’s Do Entertainment is an Entertainment Marketing company based in Delaware.  For more information, please visit letsdoentertainment.com.