Let’s Get Ready to LAAAAAAAASAGNE!

Let's Get Ready to LAAAAAAAASAGNE!

Carrabba’s Celebrates National Lasagna Day by offering FREE Lasagne!

Let's Get Ready to LAAAAAAAASAGNE!In honor of National Lasagna Day on July 29, Carrabba’s Italian Grill is bringing back “Carrabba’s Today, Carrabba’s Tomorrow” by offering free lasagne – and not just for a single day, but six days. From Tuesday, July 25 through Sunday, July 30, guests who order the restaurant’s signature lasagne entrée when they dine in will get a second, free lasagne to take home.

Carrabba’s takes lasagne seriously, using a secret, homemade family recipe passed down from generation to generation. Always made from scratch, Carrabba’s lasagne features layers upon layers of fresh pasta, each generously topped with housemade pomodoro sauce, meat sauce, ricotta, Romano and mozzarella cheeses.

“Our classic, made from scratch lasagne is one of the most popular dishes at Carrabba’s year-round. So, instead of celebrating National Lasagna Day for only 24 hours, we wanted to extend the celebration and share the lasagne love for six days,” said Tanisha Chea, Chief Marketing Officer for Carrabba’s.

To help pump-up pasta lovers about National Lasagna Day, Carrabba’s has enlisted famed boxing announcer, Michael Buffer, to spread the word with radio spots and digital content. Known for his distinct voice and pioneering announcing style of extended syllables and rolled letters, Buffer will deliver his iconic catchphrase with an aptly Italian tweak. Buffer’s “Let’s Get Ready to LAAAAAAAASAGNE” radio spots will debut Tuesday, July 25. Behind-the-scenes digital content featuring Buffer will also be available on Carrabba’s Facebook page and at Carrabbas.com/Lasagne.

“We wanted to find a voice to match our iconic lasagne recipe and Michael Buffer was the clear choice. We hope that lasagne lovers will join the celebration by using our Snapchat filter, engaging with us in social and enjoying our light-hearted radio spots,” said Chea.