McDonald’s restaurant serving up a side of DNA

For anyone going to buy a burger at Grey Lynn McDonald’s, it will seem like just nothing has changed. But be aware it has. The restaurant is now being protected by DNA.

Following a successful 6 month trial in Australia, McDonald’s New Zealand is introducing the SelectaDNA Spray System, a theft deterrent product, into the restaurant to protect its staff and customers from robbery or anti-social behaviour.

Six of Australia’s busiest stores trialled the product with staggering results. At the end of the trial period there were no reported incidents of robbery at any of the stores and anti-social behaviour had been reduced dramatically.

This will be the first McDonald’s in New Zealand to use the technology.

The special system is installed over the entry points to the restaurant and highly visible warning signage is placed on the exterior of the restaurant to alert would-be-robbers of its presence.

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