Mystery Dining App Helps Restaurant Owners Conduct Their Own Undercover Operation

Mystery Dining App Helps Restaurant Owners Conduct Their Own Undercover Operation allows owners to gain valuable feedback from diners that pose as regular patrons who fill out an Onsite Diner Form via their mobile device while dining.

Mystery Dining App Helps Restaurant Owners Conduct Their Own Undercover OperationAn ingenious new iPhone app and website designed to allow restaurant owners to conduct their own Mystery Dining Program allows owners to use people they know and trust as Undercover Diners, instead of using people the Owner doesn’t know whether they are qualified or not, to make such valuable judgments about their business. is unique in that it deletes the middleman from the Mystery Shopping industry, i.e. companies that charge anywhere from $150-$400 per mystery dine. Undercover Diner allows owners to use friends, family or anyone they choose to be their Mystery Shopper, aka “Undercover Diner” for only $9.99 per dine.

Created by Lizbeth Publishing, Inc., from Miami, Fl. the app is a simple solution to a difficult problem. Through an Owner Instruction Job Post, owners can specify a date and time they’d like the Diner to visit their restaurant, certain items the diner should pay attention to or look for while on property, which menu items to order and where to sit among other specs.

After submitting their instructions, the Undercover Diner receives an email with a link to install the Owner’s custom page as a web app to their mobile device allowing for quick and easy access to both the owner’s instructions and a link to the Onsite Diner Form.

Upon completion of their meal and form submission, an email is sent to the owner with the results of Diner’s responses and a link to their Final Summary Report Page along with a full 10 page PDF with all Onsite Diner Form responses.

Viewing information and images about how the service was, how long the wait was for the meal, how friendly the servers were, and how clean the restaurant was shows the restaurateurs exactly what happens on a day-to-day, meal-by-meal basis. This method of appraisal is so much more truthful than a site visit as employees undoubtedly change their usual habits to impress the owners. With Undercover Diners, no one knows they are there and are watching everything that goes on.

The only items required by the restaurateur in order to successfully fulfill an Undercover Job request is the email address of the Undercover Diner and what items the diner needs to be on the lookout for. The easy to follow Job Request Form takes this information and then passes it on to the diner via a completely customized page just for that restaurant, including their logo and graphics.

Within only 15 minutes of the Undercover Diner completing their meal and submitting their Onsite Form, the restaurant owner is supplied with the results. Again, via a customized web portal the Diner’s responses, including images of the property, their appetizers, meals and more are all ready for viewing by the Owner and downloadable via PDF format. Being able to know what happens at an establishment when the owner is not present is the first step to finding a solution to common problems, something this app hopes to do at a mere fraction of the cost typical Mystery Shop companies charge.

The Undercover Diner app is free in the iTunes App Store and Job Request Forms are available via In-App Purchase for a limited time for only $4.99. Other Membership options, such as Monthly Unlimited Job Requests are available at the website.