New Trend Is Giving Breakfast a Bun For Its Money

According to a leading research firm, breakfast sandwiches are now the fourth most ordered food item in restaurants, after pizza, french fries, and — the winner and still champion — hamburgers.

Last year, North Americans consumed 25 million more breakfast sandwiches than they did in 2008. Little wonder, then, that every Tom, Dick and Hardee’s is suddenly scrambling to come up with its own version of the popular morning meal.

On April 5, after a prolonged trial period in select cities, including Winnipeg, Subway unveiled its new “omelette sandwich” at 25,000 outlets in Canada and the United States. One week before that — on March 31 — Burger King introduced the “BK Breakfast Muffin Sandwich” to its Whopper-heavy arsenal. And back in January, Tim Hortons caused a stir when it poached the idea of serving breakfast sandwiches on English muffins from McDonalds. (Last, but not least, American-based Dunkin’ Donuts recently resurrected its “Waffle Breakfast Sandwich” after a year-long hiatus. That 500-calorie behemoth features egg, sausage and cheese, juxtaposed between two maple-infused waffles.)

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