Nine Area McDonald’s Franchises Reach Agreement to Accept PinPoint Rewards

Nine Area McDonald's Franchises Reach Agreement to Accept PinPoint Rewards

Customers will receive loyalty rewards while enjoying McDonald’s favorites

A group of nine Omaha-area McDonald’s franchises has signed an agreement with PinPoint Rewards to offer rewards to customers using the PinPoint Card.

One of America’s fastest growing consumer rewards programs, PinPoint Rewards offers members a customized reward program in conjunction with a growing number of merchants who participate in the program. In addition to reward points with every purchase, PinPoint members earn a variety of different rewards, including Welcome Rewards when they sign up (coupons from all participating merchants), Payback Rewards when they make purchases at their favorite stores, Birthday, Anniversary and Special Occasion Rewards and much more.

Franchise group owner Jim Darmody said he is very excited by the program PinPoint Rewards presented, in large part because the system is easy to use and gives the franchises an opportunity to reward loyal customers for patronizing McDonald’s in the way they like.

“We loved the ease of using it for customers and for my employees,” Darmody said. “The efficiency of the program, the way the tracking is done and the notifications are done – it’s all very smooth, very effortless, not cumbersome at all. We expect big things from it.”

Aaron Barnes, president and CEO of PinPoint Rewards, said the new agreement with Darmody’s group of McDonald’s franchises is consistent with the market’s fast and widespread embrace of PinPoint Rewards.

Nine Area McDonald's Franchises Reach Agreement to Accept PinPoint Rewards“Unlike many customer reward programs, merchants love PinPoint Rewards because we make it easy to reward customers for the way they normally patronize your establishment,” Barnes said. “A McDonald’s franchise succeeds because it has many choices and can cater to a customer’s individual tastes. So we’re not trying to persuade them buy one thing if they want another, or giving a ‘gift’ of a cheeseburger when they might want a chicken sandwich. We help merchants reward good customers, and we make it easy for them to do it.”

Consumers who would like to become PinPoint Rewards members can do so for free by signing up at