oona & MagicCube Team Up To Free Merchants From Dedicated Payment Acceptance Devices

oona & MagicCube Team Up To Free Merchants From Dedicated Payment Acceptance Devices

oona & MagicCube Team Up To Free Merchants From Dedicated Payment Acceptance Devicesoona, a brand of Aava Mobile Oy, a global provider of professional-grade tablets and smart screens for enterprise merchants, is excited to announce that it’s partnering with MagicCube and its i-Accept Tap-to-Phone contactless payment solution. oona will work exclusively with MagicCube on SoftPOS and Tap-to-Pay solutions in the North American market, cementing an end-to-end smart device payment chain.

i-Accept leverages oona devices’ front-facing NFC antenna to accept contactless payments from any NFC-enabled debit or credit card from any of the four major card brands (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover), as well as from smart devices such as smartphones, watches, wristbands, etc. i-Accept also allows for capturing PIN on the oona device screen without scrambling or shuffling the PED keys, making the transaction experience intuitive and efficient for the customer. i-Accept’s technology eliminates the added expense and bulk of legacy payment terminals, thereby increasing customer throughput for concessions, theaters, arenas, amusement parks, and other high-volume use cases. These capabilities make this combined solution a true “tap ‘n go” experience.

The major card brands have authorized transactions from smart devices, including capturing PIN on Glass for debit card sales. “This is the breakthrough we have been waiting for,” states Sven Johannsen, Chief Sales Officer of Aava Mobile Oy, owner of the oona brand. “We designed our oona enterprise grade tablets to be smart payments enabled from the start. Merchants can bring the sale to the customer virtually anywhere with contactless and collect any type of payment on our Android tablets.”

“We still want to free merchants from dedicated devices, but for those large retailers and enterprises who need to own devices for consistency of performance and device management ., we are offering multi-purpose devices through our partnership with oona where we see them covering a big gap in what the Tap to Pay market needs, a large well-built smart device that has its NFC sensor up in the front rather than being hidden somewhere in the back of the device “

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MagicCube leads the Software Defined Trust (SDT) category with its software-based, virtual Trusted Execution Environment (vTEE) platform. The technology enables secure, large-scale deployment and management of Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile solutions to consumers. MagicCube was awarded the first recognition of a software-based Trusted Execution Environment issued by EMVCo, the global consortium which facilitates worldwide interoperability and acceptance of secure payment transactions. MagicCube has been named by Network World’s one of the “10 Hot IoT Startups to Watch”, listed as a Cool Vendor in Security and Risk Management by Gartner, and is the only startup to sit on the board of the PCI Security Standards Council. Investors in MagicCube include Mosaik Partners, Shift4, Bold Capital, Epic Ventures, ID Tech, Sony Innovation Fund, and Visa, among others. For more information, visit www.magiccube.co or follow us on Twitter @MAGIC3INC.

oona is a brand of Aava Mobile Oy, the leading innovator in the global enterprise device market headquartered in Oulu Finland since 2009. oona mobile tablets are designed for the POS, restaurant, and field services markets providing ultra-reliable service in many different indoor-outdoor environments.  oona tablets are dust and water resistant, able to survive drops from 1.2 meters, and offer a variety of accessories for varied use-cases.