Pizza Hut Expanding Team to Serve America Through Contactless Delivery, Carryout, and Curbside Pickup

Pizza Hut Expanding Team to Serve America Through Contactless Delivery, Carryout, and Curbside Pickup

Hiring for more than 30,000 open positions currently available nationwide

Company expediting onboarding process to have new drivers trained and on the road in 5 hours

Pizza Hut Expanding Team to Serve America Through Contactless Delivery, Carryout, and Curbside PickupNow more than ever, restaurants have an important role in feeding families and those looking for safe, fast, and reliable food from brands they can trust. As the largest pizza brand in the U.S. by store count, Pizza Hut is committed to doing its part. The company is hiring and putting new procedures in place – and doubling down on others – to meet the changing demands of customers during this critical time.

New Innovation to Keep Employees & Customers Safe

With an increased focus on the safety of both customers and employees, Pizza Hut is now offering Contactless Delivery nationwide. No matter the location, for customers wanting a more contactless option that prefer their pizza left at the door upon delivery, no problem. Ordering is simple:

  • At checkout, the customer clicks on Delivery Instructions and writes in how they’d like their food delivered. For example: “Contactless Front Door”
  • Customers can prepay and tip using any credit or debit card
  • The delivery driver will notify the customer once the food has been dropped off

Other precautionary measures the company is taking with a focus on keeping the families and communities it serves safe include:

  • Getting customers their food on their terms via…
    • Contactless Delivery, for customers who want the convenience of delivery, but with social distance in mind
    • Curbside Pickup (where possible), for customers who don’t want to leave their car, but want to avoid the additional cost of delivery
    • Contactless Carryout, for customers looking to get their pizza hot out of the oven, but with a contactless experience
  • Doubling down on industry-leading and longstanding sanitization and handwashing procedures
  • Ensuring a hands-free experience: once the pizza leaves Pizza Hut’s 400+ degree oven, it slides hands-free into the box and straight to your home

Pizza Hut Expanding Team to Serve America Through Contactless Delivery, Carryout, and Curbside Pickup

Hiring New Team Members to Respond to Increased Demand

Pizza Hut and its franchisees are hiring, with more than 30,000 open positions currently available nationwide. Most importantly, these are permanent positions. Available jobs include cooks, shift leaders, restaurant managers, and virtual call center agents. Pizza Hut is also hiring more drivers to meet an increased delivery demand as more customers order to eat at home. Those who are interested in applying for a position can visit

Pizza Hut is also expediting its hiring and onboarding process to accommodate people who are looking for jobs now, and to get delivery drivers on the road more rapidly, and ultimately to get customers their pizza quicker. The new process aims to have delivery drivers trained and on the road safely in five hours, which is nearly 3x quicker than the previous training procedure.

“Given the increased demand we’re seeing for delivery, we’re hiring new team members to help us feed America,” said Kevin Hochman, president of Pizza Hut U.S. “Whether through contactless delivery, curbside pickup, or carryout, we’re here to serve oven-hot pizza however customers want to get it.  Based on families eating more together, we’re also seeing big demand for our new Big Dipper Pizza that is nearly 2 feet of pizza and has over 24 slices, so we’ll be extending the availability of that product, too.”

Serving the Community

As the country continues to navigate uncertain times, Pizza Hut is committed to providing helpful resources – and, of course, pizza – to the communities it serves:

  • SERVING FRONT-LINE WORKERS: Pizza Hut franchisees across the country are doing their part to serve the community with pizza drops to essential personnel, healthcare workers, and those experiencing food insecurity.
  • FOOD DONATION: With the support of longtime food recovery partner, Food Donation Connection (FDC), Pizza Hut is donating food from participating restaurants to those in need. Learn more about Pizza Hut’s Harvest program here.
  • BOOKS: In partnership with its literacy nonprofit partner, First Book, Pizza Hut is helping send books to communities in need – 55,000+ so far since March 16th. For educators looking for additional books and learning resources for the kids you serve, click here.
  • EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES: Pizza Hut is also providing free educational materials and resources for parents through its BOOK IT! program, available at

Pizza Hut has also created a real-time blog on their website where they’re posting COVID-19-related updates for customers.

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