Reincarnated Family Bakery Cinnamon Bread Carves Path from New England to Missouri

Reincarnated Family Bakery Cinnamon Bread Carves Path from New England to Missouri

Cresting the wave of consumer acceptance of cinnamon, Jenny Lee cinnamon swirl breads have grown from a company reestablished just two years ago, to a food phenomena found in over 1,000 outlets stretching from New England to Missouri.

A consumer staple in Western Pennsylvania since just after the Civil War, Jenny Lee products—produced by the Baker family—at one point were produced by over 125 people and distributed throughout Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, and Southwest New York. Following a catastrophic fire, the bakery closed over three years ago.

5 Generation Bakers was founded by Scott Baker—literally a 5th generation baker—just over two years ago to satisfy the local demand that remained for their signature product, cinnamon swirl breads.

Beginning with just one customer—a local unit of the King’s Family Restaurant chain—5 Generation Bakers, using frozen distribution, expanded their reach to become a major item throughout the King’s system, then began their rapid expansion to foodservice and supermarket customers throughout the Eastern one-third of the US.

“Served toasted and buttered, Jenny Lee Cinnamon Swirl Breads are without equal,” according to Scott Baker; an opinion shared by virtually everyone who has tried them. “In addition, the products are the basis for superb specialty sandwiches, French toast and bread pudding.”

Unique in the culinary world, the loaves are formed from sweet dough baked in a crimped cylindrical pan, have a Korintje cinnamon swirl from end-to-end, are basted in melted butter shortly after baking, and are then tossed in cinnamon-sugar totally coating the crusts of the loaves. Aside from the basic cinnamon swirl, the bread may also include raisins, apples, cranberries or chocolate chips. A pumpkin-nut version is also available.

One certified master baker observed that “…it’s the only bread I’ve ever seen where people actually fight over the heels.”

For more information on Jenny Lee products, contact:

Scott A. Baker
P.O. Box 71
Zelienople, PA 16063