Restaurant bans kids under 18, saying parents need a ‘break’

Sidewalks in the hip neighborhood of Del Ray in Alexandria, Va., are often clogged with baby strollers and young parents – but that hasn’t stopped one new sushi restaurant from banning the 18-and-under crowd.

Surprisingly enough, The Sushi Bar, which officially opened Tuesday, is owned by the same person who runs the two super kid-friendly restaurants that flank it: Pork Barrel BBQ and Holy Cow, a burger joint where you might find 20 kids running amuck on a Friday night.

“We thought, ‘These poor parents – they’re helicopter parents, God love ’em – they’re always doing this and that with their kids, and we thought, they need a break.’ Not so much a break from their kids, but adjoining kids, ” said owner Mike Anderson, who has three kids himself – only two of whom are old enough to dine at the new restaurant.

The no-kids policy has already caused a barrage of local press and heated comments online, but Anderson says he’s shocked at the publicity.

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