Survey Reveals Valentine’s Day Dining Trends Survey Reveals Valentine's Day Dining Trends, the nation’s largest dining deals site, reveals details about diners’ plans for restaurant romance this Valentine’s Day.  A recent survey by the company found that nearly half (49 percent) of respondents selected Italian as the cuisine of choice for a Valentine’s Day meal over romantic rivals fondue (12 percent) and French (11 percent).

More than half of respondents (52 percent) also consider a meal at an Italian restaurant the most romantic option overall, followed by French (22 percent) and Fondue (15 percent). Lovebirds planning a romantic date should avoid tortillas and seaweed: Mexican food (44 percent) and sushi (34 percent) were deemed the least romantic cuisines.

Dining out is a key ingredient in the recipe for romance this Valentine’s Day; three out of four survey respondents (75 percent) indicated they plan to celebrate with a meal at a restaurant this year.  They won’t plan ahead though; 42 percent said they won’t make dining plans until the week of Valentine’s Day, with 32 percent waiting until Valentine’s Day itself to plan their date. Just 22 percent of respondents said they will make Valentine’s Day dining plans several weeks in advance.

Additional Valentine’s Day dining survey findings include:

  • More Money on a Meal – 64 percent of survey respondents state they will spend more money on Valentine’s Day than on a typical dining occasion.
  • Just Desserts – Nearly three out of four survey respondents (73 percent) confirm they are more likely to order dessert on Valentine’s Day than during a normal dining occasion; while 46 percent are more likely to order appetizers; 42 percent are more likely to order wine; and 40 percent are more likely to order expensive entrees.
  • Check Please – The majority of respondents peg their estimated Valentine’s Day meal check to fall into the $50-$100 range, with only four percent planning to spend $150 or more.
  • Cost-Conscious Cupids – More than six out of ten respondents (61 percent) agree they admire the savvy saving techniques of a Valentine’s date that leverages a dining coupon (a mere 2 percent said it would be a turn off).

923 men and women participated in the Valentine’s Day survey via Survey Monkey from January 5 – 25, 2013.