Restaurant Delivery Software Guide: Free Download

When restaurants add delivery to their service mix, they find a whole new set of operational challenges to manage.  From efficient order taking to effective dispatching, driver management to customer marketing, delivery adds complexity as well as the opportunity for great profit.

The right technology can help a restaurant owner successfully manage delivery operations. Granbury Restaurant Solutions has a free guide that covers all you need to know about choosing the right point-of-sale system to manage your delivery operation.  Delivering Success: How Technology Makes Restaurant Delivery A Profit Center, is available as a free download at the Granbury website – just follow this link.

The guide covers important topics such as creating delivery business rules, improving phone orders, integrating online ordering, managing the dispatch process, controlling delivery drivers, reporting, and database marketing.   Each section includes a POS Checklist to help guide restaurant owners into looking for the features they will need.

Whether you are new to delivery or just looking to improve your operation with the next generation of technology, this free guide can help steer you in the right direction.

A leading provider of restaurant technology to the pizza, delivery, specialty coffee, quick serve and casual dining markets,  GRS offers a full solution set including point-of-sale, back office management, online & smart phone ordering, kiosk self serve solutions, and customer loyalty.  Learn more about Granbury Restaurant Solutions at


Duessa Holscher, Director of Marketing
Granbury Restaurant Solutions