Restaurants to showcase healthier immune-boosting choices in Healthy Dining’s soon-to-be-released MyMenu Concierge

Restaurants to showcase healthier immune-boosting choices in Healthy Dining's soon-to-be-released MyMenu Concierge

Restaurants to showcase healthier immune-boosting choices in Healthy Dining's soon-to-be-released MyMenu Concierge

No cost to restaurants for this industry-wide revival initiative

The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed health and well-being to a heightened level of consumer awareness, like never before. Many restaurant customers are focused on optimizing health and boosting immune systems for energy and performance, while others are working to avoid the ‘Quarantine 15’ weight gain phenomenon. For the growing number of people with food allergies, finding ingredient information for menu items and then navigating a digital ordering system to specify allergen requirements is challenging, if not impossible. New research from FARE, the Food Allergy Research and Education organization, shows 85 million Americans, one in four, avoid at least one of the top nine allergens because of a personal or family member’s food allergy or intolerance.

“This is perfect timing to launch MyMenu Concierge,” says Anita Jones-Mueller, CEO of Healthy Dining. “MyMenu empowers consumers to find restaurants and menu items that meet their personalized preferences, like nutrient levels, food allergens, and eating styles such as vegan, vegetarian, healthy keto and/or planet health-focused. MyMenu Concierge makes it easy for restaurant guests to eat to be at their very best, especially at this time when we all need to be healthy, strong, and resilient.”

“As well, this is perfect timing as a restaurant revival initiative in response to the pandemic. MyMenu showcases each restaurant to help them gain new and loyal customers,” explains Jones-Mueller. MyMenu Concierge, and the related restaurant revival initiative, is supported by industry sponsors as well as health plans, employers, well-being providers, and health/fitness apps. To learn more and join in this initiative, email

Healthy Dining’s team of dietitians invites restaurants not yet signed up for MyMenu Concierge to sign up here. There is no cost, at this time, for restaurants to be featured in MyMenu Concierge. All sizes and types of cuisines, from coast to coast, are invited to showcase a selection of their healthier menu choices. For more information, contact or visit

Healthy Dining is a health and wellbeing technology company with the vision to make a powerful impact on personal, population and planet health. Our vision comes to life by uniting the food and restaurant industry with millions of Americans who want healthier food and transparency information, such as nutrients, allergens, ingredients, claim validations (vegan, organic, etc.), sourcing, and impact of food on planet sustainability. Healthy Dining offers the groundbreaking MyMenu Guest Platform technology system, MyMenu Concierge personalization app, and nutrition services including menu labeling compliance, nutrient analysis, allergen identification and related consulting.

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