Revue App Releases Beta Version of their Restaurant Review App

Revue App recently launched the Beta version of their restaurant review application, designed to enable restaurant owners to leverage real-time customer reviews for marketing purposes.

Revue App is certainly timely, as today’s consumer is more interested than ever in restaurant interactions rooted in technology. According to the 2012 industry forecast from the National Restaurant Association, approximately 50% of those surveyed stated that they would utilize at-table technology options, 30% are open to email promotions and specials and 20% prefer text message delivery for notifications and specials. Clearly, restaurants seeking to remain relevant need to incorporate technology into their ongoing customer interactions.

Without customers, restaurants fail; it’s that simple. According to Bright Local’s annual Local Consumer Review Survey, 67% of local consumers have read local reviews of establishments prior to their visit. Online restaurant reviews enable establishments to reach a broader audience of potential patrons, categorizing them as a great marketing asset. Revue App offers a fun way to attract customers to restaurants, one of the most critical tasks for managers and owners to master.

“Revue App’s technology allows restaurants to capture real-time customer reviews via a mobile device, tablet or web-browser. Our app’s unique functionality puts the restaurant owner in the driver’s seat of their feedback. Through our customer control panel, restaurant managers/owners can select which comments to post live and which to leverage in social media campaigns via platforms such as Facebook,” said one of the App’s developers.

Some of Revue App’s most prominent features include:

  • Real Time Review Capture– Restaurants can capture real-time reviews from patrons while their experience is still ‘fresh’ in their minds via their mobile device, tablet or web browser. Ratings can be provided for food, pricing, service and their overall experience using a star system.
  • Facebook Compatibility– Approved restaurant reviews can be shared with followers on an establishment’s Facebook fan page.
  • Viral Marketing Potential– Customers who leave feedback can share their comments on their Facebook page, instantly broadening a restaurant’s potential patron base.
  • Incentive Program– Every customer who leaves a review is eligible to win a monthly prize, including a case of wine and a $50 Amazon gift card. Restaurants can also add their own incentive programs to encourage reviews, offering discounts, free appetizers or even free desserts.
  • Statistics– Restaurants can analyze their establishment’s review activity via Revue App’s integrated dashboard program.

Revue App allows restaurants to build, manage and maintain a positive online reputation, something that is essential in today’s marketplace for customer attraction and retention.

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